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{{#badges:stub}} Louis William "Lou" Barnett is national conservative activist who co-founded the American Legislative Exchange Council, a right wing organization that provides "templates" of legislation to dismantle regulations.


Besides co-founding co-founded the American Legislative Exchange Council (a national organization that links conservative state legislators with corporate interests to help advance conservative and corporate-backed legislation at state and national levels), Barnett also served as Political Director of the American Conservative Union (ACU) and as National Political Director of Ronald Reagan’s Political Action Committee, "Citizens for the Republic ." (1981-1989)[1]

Barnett helped re-launch the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 1983, and founded the California Conservative Union.

Barnett has worked at local, state and federal levels of government and also in the private sector. His political activity includes managing local school board candidates, state legislative races as well as working on gubernatorial and presidential campaigns.[2]

Barnett is former VP for Programs at the Leadership Institute (2000-2003), and Director, Country Director Selection at Peace Corps (2003-2009).[1]


Barnett is Chief Deputy to Board Member Michelle Steel at the California State Board of Equalization.[1]

He "currently serves as a Board Member of Yorktown University, the first accredited online conservative institution." [3]


Barnett is first author of Gov. Jerry Brown’s Destruction of the California Judiciary, published in 2010 by CreateSpace.[3]


Wife Jane Barnett is GOP chairman of Los Angeles County.[4].

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