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ALEC Alumni Governors

  • Sean Parnell (Alaska)
  • Mike Beebe (Arkansas)
  • Mitch Daniels (Indiana)
  • Bobby Jindal (Louisiana)
  • Haley Barbour (Mississippi)
  • Nikki Haley (South Carolina)
  • Matthew Mead (Wyoming)
  • Gary Herbert (Utah)

Minnesota Legislators with Ties to ALEC

House of Representatives

  • Rep. Paul Anderson (R - 13A)
  • Rep. Mike Benson (R - 30B)
  • Rep. Matt Dean (R - 52B)
  • Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R - 28B) (For example see H.F.1598 which looks like ALEC's supermajority bill.)
  • Rep. Sondra Erickson (R - 16A)
  • Rep. Joyce Peppin (R - 32A)
  • Rep. Linda Runbeck (R - 53A)
  • Rep. Ron Shimanski (R - 18A)
  • Rep. Kurt Zellers (R - 32B)


  • Sen. Chris Gerlach (R - 37)
  • Sen. Warren Limmer (R -32) [1]
  • Sen. John Sterling Howe (R - 28)
  • Sen. Mike Parry (R - 26)

Washington State

Washington State - Rep. Troy Kelley (D-28). I contacted Rep. Troy Kelley's office by phone on 4/20/2012, and they informed me that, "Rep. Kelley is not a member of ALEC." He had been on a mailing list and attended a meeting, but is no longer affiliated with the group.

Europe ?

These are just US politicians we have ALEC in Europe too , I will start an SW resource on ALEC European Politicians , could somebody please let me know and merge it if that resource already exists. Calling it ALEC European Politicians