"We're kicking ass" in Iraq

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"We're kicking ass" in Iraq, President George W. Bush responded September 5, 2007, to Australian Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile "on the tarmac" after Vaile "inquired politely of the President's stopover in Iraq en route to Sydney." After a surprise visit to U.S. troops in Iraq, Bush visited Australia[1] to attend the 15th annual Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.[2][3] However, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino would not confirm Bush's remark.[4]

"So first President Bush, fresh from his visit to al-Anbar province,[5] reportedly tells the deputy PM of Australia that 'we're kicking ass' in Iraq -- the 'we' being U.S. forces. If the report is true, the comment makes one wonder if the President remembers how that 'Bring 'em on!'[6] remark went over more than four years ago," Jay Carney at TIME Magazine's The Swampland blog commented September 7, 2007.[7]


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