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Aïna "is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization that watches over its moral and financial freedom.

"As a humanitarian body, Aïna facilitates initiatives in the area of education, information and communication for and with the support of local actors by rallying high-skilled international volunteers and local experts." [1]


"They have trusted us by supporting our projects: [2]

Our partners in Afghanistan

  • The Ministry of Information and Culture
  • The Ministry of Education
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Ministry of the Economy
  • The University of Kabul
  • The University of Herat
  • The School of Journalism
  • The School of Fine Arts
  • The French Cultural Center
  • Afghan Film
  • Ariana Film
  • Kabul Film
  • Radio Sohl
  • Afghan radio and television


Support Committee

Accessed October 2007: [3]


Accessed October 2007: [4]



Resources and articles

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