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AP Television News's (APTN) Corporate Services division boasts on its website that it can "distribute video news releases and programmes directly into every major television newsroom in the world simultaneously". [1]

APTN not only distributes VNRs but produces them and other programming too. On its website it states that it has "global expertise in the production and distribution of video news releases."

"Our excellent editorial contacts mean broadcasters know what is coming on our print wire service, and can easily get a hold of the relevant press releases, scripts and shotlists," it states on its website. It also makes clear that its uses APTN television news staff to produce VNRs for clients. "Calling on the vast array of AP Television News bureaux, staff and affiliates around the world we can supply resources wherever you need them, however large or small," it states. [2]

APTN display a list of VNR's they plan to distrubute here.

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