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Aaron deGrassi, BA 2000 (Development Studies) UC Berkeley; MPhil 2004 (Development Studies)University of Sussex, Brighton.

"I am interested in various aspects of African rural development. My experience began from understanding the details of agricultural production in relation with broader contexts, and have encompassed a range of topics and locales." [1]

Selected publications

  • ‘Envisioning Futures of African Agriculture: Power, Representation, and Socially Constituted Time,’ Progress in Development Studies.
  • (2005) Special Issue: New Directions for African Agriculture, IDS Bulletin 36 (2), co-edited with Ian Scoones, Stephen Devereux, and Lawrence Haddad.
  • (2005) ‘Transport, Poverty, and Agrarian Change in Africa: Models, Mechanisms and New Ways Forward,’ IDS Bulletin 36 (2): 52-57.
  • (2004) Mozambique - Food Security Options, London: Overseas Development Institute, Forum for Food Security in Southern Africa, with Steve Wiggins.
  • (2003) ‘(Mis)Understanding Change in Agro-Environmental Technology in Africa: Charting and Refuting the Myth of Population-Induced Breakdown,’ in T. Zeleza and I. Kakoma (eds), In Search of Modernity: Science and Technology in Africa, Trenton: Africa World Press, 473-505.
  • (2003) ‘Constructing Subsidiarity, Consolidating Hegemony: Political Economy and Agro-Ecological Processes in Ghanaian Forestry,’ Environmental Governance in Africa Working Paper No. 13, Washington, DC: World Resources Institute.

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