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Adib Masumian is a recent graduate of Austin High School, Texas [1], a contributor to Iran Press Watch, current Co-Editor for the Baha'i Rights Law Institute[2], and the author of the self-published 2009 work, “Debunking the Myths: Conspiracy Theories on the Genesis and Mission of the Baha’i Faith”. In describing “Debunking the Myths", the author claims that the book (which Mr. Masumian says began as a Wikipedia article drawing on Dr. Moojan Momen's paper, "Conspiracies and Forgeries: The Attack Upon the Baha’i Community in Iran"[3]), "debunks some of the major accusations raised against the Baha'i Faith, primarily by conservative Muslim circles."[4]. According to their website, the book comes highly recommended by Iran Press Watch, and has been reviewed and accepted by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United States[5]. Though no academic reviews are currently available, in her June 2009 paper, “Accusations Against Baha'is Within the Context of Islamic Heresiography”, presented at the CESNUR (Center for Studies on New Religions) conference in Utah, Baha’i and Islamic Studies Scholar, Susan Maneck, noted Adib Masumian’s work in relation to certain “conspiracy theories circulating regarding the Baha’i Faith”, saying that “As if to prove that refuting such charges is child's play, an eighteen year old boy, Adib Masumian, has written a book doing so entitled Debunking the Myths (Lulu:2009.) Unfortunately such refutations cannot be made in the Iranian press where these charges are usually repeated.” [6]


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