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Aditi Vaidya, Program Officer for Economic Justice, Solidago Foundation . [1]

Former Port Program Director for EBASE bringing "10 years of experience in organizing, environmental health science and coalition building around environmental justice, corporate accountability and worker rights issues. Aditi has served as the Program Director for the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, where she organized the first environmental health and safety trainings for electronics workers and coordinated campaigns and research to demand environmental and occupational health for communities and workers impacted by the high-tech industry. Aditi is the current Board Chair for the Asian Pacific Environmental Network and is a member of the Advisory Boards of CorpWatch and the Labor Occupational Health Program of the University of California. She has previously worked with the Jenifer Altman Foundation, Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice and the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund and was a board member of South Asian American Voting Youth (SAAVY) and the co-chair of the Saguaro Fund of the Funding Exchange. She holds a Masters in Public Health in environmental and occupational health from Emory University. Aditi leads EBASE's work to promote living wage and health for workers at the Port of Oakland and helps to organize the Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports, a coalition of over 75 environmental, health, environmental justice labor, faith, and community organizations promoting sustainable economic development at the Port of Oakland." [2]

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