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Adriel Domenech is "Field Director" and contact person for Vets for Freedom.[1], VFF's "Field Director".[2]

As recently as February and March 2007, Domenech was identified as a member of the U.S. Department of State Public Affairs Iraq GO (Global Outreach) Team.[3][4]

In Fall 2001, Domenech, a graduate of Texas A&M's Public Policy Internship Program[5] who interned with the Republican National Committee, had completed the Colorado campaign and was a "72-Hour Director in Arkansas"[6] for Bush-Cheney '04 Inc..[7]

In August 2004, Domenech's name was found amongst recognized "Republican signatures on petitions to get third-party candidate Ralph Nader on the presidential ballot in Arkansas." At the time, a "news release from the Democratic Party of Arkansas said at least two dozen state Republicans, including Lt. Gov. Win Rockefeller's chief of staff, had signed the petitions to get Nader included on the state ballot. ... Conventional political wisdom [was] that Nader [would] take votes from the Democratic nominee." [8]

Domenech's relationship to outted Washington Post plagiarist Ben Domenech or his father Doug Domenech, if any, is unknown.

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External articles

  • "Fatal Attraction," HoustonPress, December 2, 1999: "Adriel Domenech, a junior and graduate of The Woodlands High School north of Houston, knows what the media must be thinking. His father, who lives in Miami, once asked his son, 'What do you want to go to that redneck university for?' Domenech thinks his father doesn't understand."
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