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Adrienne Maree Brown, "is the Executive Director of the Ruckus Society. She also serves on the advisory board of, the Allied Media Conference and Liberty Tree. Best know as a co-founder of the League of Young Voters, Adrienne was co-editor of the youth organizing collection HTGSWMOOO. As a writer, singer and organizer, Adrienne has been involved in the growth of many organizations, most recently the New Orleans Network, the Future 5000, and the Arctic Indigenous Youth Alliance." [1]

"Adrienne Maree Brown is a writer, activist, and singer living in Brooklyn. She is co-editor of How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office, the anti-politics, un-boring guide to power. Previously the Program Manager of the Harm Reduction Training Institute of New York and co-founder/director of the Conscious Movements Collective, she currently runs a national training program focusing on electoral basics, electoral reform, and issue-based and campus organizing as Program Director of the League of Young Voters. How to Get Stupid White Men Out Of Office (Soft Skull Press) is the tipping point for an unprecedented historical time when the developing youth-led political movement, from Seattle to peace to sweatshops to immigrant rights to hip-hop, has awakened and begun to flex its cultural influence." (from 2004 Interview) [2]


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