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The African American Leadership Council (AALC) describes itself as a "group of progressive African American business, labor, and community leaders who represent a wide array of business, labor and community groups nationwide -- all committed to advancing the ideals and values of the Democratic Party and the African American community." [1]


On its website that AALC states that its three primary goals are:

  • Strengthening the influence of African Americans in the Democratic Party.
  • Supporting the Democratic Party's platform by spreading the word and electing Democrats.
  • Encouraging investment in the DNC and its programs.[1]

These goals are accomplished by:

  • Raising money.
  • Organizing events that raise political awareness, cultivate new members, and provide a venue to discuss issues.
  • Keeping our membership apprised of the political happenings within the Party and the community.
  • Working closely with the DNC's African American Outreach Desk to establish the DNC's plan for involving the community nationwide.[1]

Contact Details

Alix Dejean
African American Leadership Council
Phone: 202-863-7164
Fax: 202-572-5833
Email: dejeana AT


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