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The Afro Reggae Cultural Group (GCAR) "was initiated in January 1993 with a newspaper called the Afro Reggae News – whose objective was to create a means to diffuse information aimed at valorizing and spreading black culture, specifically for youth connected to rhythms such as reggae, soul, hip hop, etc.

"In 1993 we inaugurated our first Culture Community Center in the favela of Vigário Geral, which began to develop our social projects aiming to have a direct intervention with the Afro-Brazilian population. Soon after, this same center was consolidated through its first programs that included; dance, percussion, recycling, soccer and capoeira, which later opened the door to new commissions." [1]

They received a $120,000 grant from the Ford Foundation for the Period 2006 - 2007. The Foundation's 2003 Annual report also notes that they gave the group a $85,000 grant "For a pilot project to create a new model of police-community relations."



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