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Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee "provides advice and information to the [United States] secretary of Agriculture and the U.S. trade representative on negotiating objectives, positions and other matters related to the development, implementation and administration of U.S. agricultural trade policy."[1] The administration also maintains six Agricultural Technical Advisory Committees (ATACs) that advise on various areas of agriculture: Animals and Animal Products, Fruits and Vegetables, Grains, Feed, Oilseeds and Planting Seeds, Processed Foods, Sweeteners and Sweetener Products, and Tobacco, Cotton and Peanuts. "Congress established the advisory committee system in 1974 to ensure a private-sector voice in establishing agricultural trade policy objectives to reflect U.S. commercial and economic interests. The Agriculture Department and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative jointly manage the committees."[1]

Industry Influence and Lobbying

According to the Hagstrom Report:[1]

"The [2011 appointees] list appears to include a broader range of geography and interests than have been on the committees in the past, but also contains the names of many well-known Washington agriculture leaders.
"None of them are registered lobbyists, according to two sources who were appointed to the committee and a USTR source. The Obama administration has had strict rules forbidding the appointment of lobbyists to most administration posts, and applied those rules to these committees. One appointee told The Hagstrom Report that he had to deregister as a lobbyist. (emphasis added)
"“Now I have to watch out that my interaction with Congress doesn’t exceed 20 percent of my work time,” he added.
"Other sources said many of the Washington appointees had risen so high in their organizations that they no longer lobby personally." (emphasis added)

2011 Appointees

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