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According to the Air Force Augmentation Program (AFCAP) web site, it is a government-private industry "team."

AFCAP Capabilities

"The Air Force Contract Augmentation Program was created to provide military commanders with a worldwide 'force multiplier' option to augment or relieve their forces involved in MOOTW (Military Operations Other than War) environments, with the intention that military units would provide the initial response to an event and then call upon the AFCAP contract for ongoing support, as needed. Consequently, the contract is structured to provide a full range of civil engineer, logistics, and services functions (with the exception of Mortuary Affairs and Field Exchange). The emphasis is on contingency support with minimal response time and minimal bureaucratic considerations. Although initially designed for use by the United States Air Force, the program is open to the other services, as well as Federal and State government agencies.

"The current AFCAP contractor, Readiness Management Support L.C. (RMS), is structured to provide this worldwide support by maintaining a small planning cell which is able to call upon the global experience, expertise, and 'personnel pools' of both its parent company, Johnson Controls and each of its primary subcontractors. This structure allows RMS to provide effective, flexible, and responsive support to the customer, using a skilled, self-supporting, and highly motivated work force, while keeping the overall cost to the Government low...thus giving real meaning to the phrase 'global capabilities - individual solutions'."

Team Members


Corporate Offices: Main Phone (850) 763-9600
Corporate Offices: Fax Line (850) 763-9995

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