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Al-Iraqiya, the "Iraqi National Television" [1], is a Pentagon-funded TV station—described in November 2003 as "One of the chief U.S. weapons in the battle to win Iraqi hearts and minds"—which provides an "optimistic, pro-American slant." Critics then saw the station "as a pawn of the U.S.-led occupation authorities." [2]

"After Baghdad fell, the Pentagon sent equipment and media experts from Science Applications International Corp., a U.S. defense contractor whose staff is packed with ex-U.S. military and intelligence officials. SAIC hired 350 Iraqis for the network, which went live May 13 [2003]." [3]

Execution of Saddam Hussein

"Footage from Al Iraqiya television shows masked executioners putting a noose around former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's neck moments before his hanging in Baghdad December 30, 2006." [4]

CPA Connection

From the beginning, Al-Iraqiya was run by the Iraqi Media Network, which includes two radio staions in Baghdad, provided "exclusive interviews" with Coalition Provisional Authority leaders and "stream[ed] live broadcasts of speeches by L. Paul Bremer, the top U.S. official in Iraq." However, the station's ties with the CPA "hamstrung its credibility, said Don North, an adviser and trainer at Al-Iraqiya who later left the network." [5]

Media Representation

As of April 1, 2005, the Choueiri Group (web) was "appointed as the Exclusive Media Representative of Iraq’s National TV, Al IRAQIA (Satellite and Terrestrial)." [6]

"Choueiri Group is by far the major media marketing representative; in addition to representing LBC and Al Jazeera, it also represents MBC, MBC2, Al Arabiya, ESC (Egypt Space Channel) and Spacetoon, a children's TV channel." [7]

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