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Albert Kramer "joined Dickstein Shapiro as a partner in 1995 and is head of the Firm’s Communications Practice.

"Mr. Kramer has extensive experience in matters affecting telecommunications and related equipment, technology, and other issues. He was General Counsel to the North American Telecommunications Association (NATA), then the primary trade association of customer premises equipment manufacturers and vendors. He guided NATA’s efforts from first obtaining permission to interconnect customer-owned equipment to the public-switched telephone network, through the divestiture of AT&T, to the 1996 Telecommunications Act, and on to a completely deregulated state, where the right to interconnect customer equipment to the network is unquestioned and has made possible an explosion of innovation on the edge of the network. By firmly establishing the rights of interconnection, Mr. Kramer helped to achieve NATA’s objectives, and NATA merged with another association...

"Prior to joining Dickstein Shapiro, Mr. Kramer was a partner in telecommunications law at Keck, Mahin & Cate. He served as Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection of the Federal Trade Commission from 1977 to 1981." [1]

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