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Alex Lundry is Senior Research Director of TargetPoint Consulting, Inc., which was founded in 2003 by the firm's president, Alexander P. Gage.


According to his TPC profile, Lundry is working on political microtargeting projects "for various nationally targeted races on behalf of the Republican National Committee. [Lundry] also oversees TPC’s National Dialogue Monitor, a biweekly national Internet survey that identifies the people, companies, and political issues that Americans are really talking about.

"Prior to TargetPoint, [Lundry] was a Senior Manager at the Luntz Research Companies. At LRC he worked intimately with Republican messaging guru Frank Luntz, serving as the lead on several high-profile political messaging projects, including a one hundred plus page document outlining the language of the 2005 legislative agenda and debate briefing for Vice President Dick Cheney. His work there also extended into the corporate world, heading up market and messaging research projects for Newscorp, Anheuser-Busch and the SBC-AT&T merger.

"A New Jersey native, [Lundry] earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science at Swarthmore College, and a Masters of Public Policy at Georgetown University. Prior to his political life, he taught high school social studies in suburban Philadelphia."

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