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Alixandre Schijman "is Director of International Public Policy in AOL Time Warner's Global and Strategic Policy department. Ms. Schijman's responsibilities include coordinating global policy across brands on areas as diverse as telecommunications and convergence, intellectual property protection, privacy, content liability and trade issues. While serving as a liaison for all international services, Ms. Schijman focuses her advocacy and outreach efforts on Latin America.

"Ms. Schijman came to the company from AOL Latin America where she was Assistant General Counsel since the outset of AOL's entry into that region of the Americas. During her two years with AOL Latin America, Ms. Schijman assisted with the legal aspects of launching AOL services in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Puerto Rico. In this capacity she provided general corporate advice and legal support to subsidiaries and in-country offices; including negotiating, drafting and reviewing a wide range of commercial agreements. Ms. Schijman also developed and implemented Standards of Business Conduct for the AOLA regional headquarters and its operating companies in Latin America.

"In addition to her legal responsibilities, Ms. Schijman also handled public policy and government relations for AOL Latin America. In that capacity, she began to structure AOLA's international government relations program, identifying and analyzing legal as well as policy issues pertaining to a diverse range of topics including intellectual property, privacy and data protection, content liability, on-line advertising and wide range of other internet-related subjects.

"Prior to joining the AOL family of companies, Ms. Schijman was Director of Legal Affairs for the New York Corporate Office of the Cisneros Group of Companies, which comprises more than fifty companies participating globally in a variety of enterprises including telecommunications, media, entertainment and consumer technology. In that capacity, Ms. Schijman supervised the legal component of business development negotiations, new ventures and alliances.

"Of Chilean origin, Alixandre Schijman is an American University law school graduate. She has lectured in Spanish and English in various academic fora including the University of Buenos Aires Law School, the University of Guadalajara Law School and the American Society for Industrial Security." [1]

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