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Amelia Shaw is a "journalist" working for the Voice of America, and on 12 February 2006 (and thereafter) she appeared on NPR on several occassions reporting on the situation in Haiti. NB: NPR doesn't refer to her other position in a US-propaganda organ. Her reportage of the situation in Haiti paralleled the US-government position (which is hostile to Jean B. Aristide, the president it ousted in 2004).[1]. These are some of the questions in one NPR interview:

NPR's Steve Inskeep:Was Preval the only person who had thousands of supporters he could turn out into the streets to cause mayhem?
Shaw: "You know... yes."

There were no references to the violence that marred the elections. At this stage of the elections she is still commenting favorably about the US-preferred candidate who didn't win the elections. Haiti Actions' comment: "Her reports - very much in line with the US State Department - have tried to suggest that René Preval is a troublemaker, a spoil-sport who was trying to undermine the mostly free and fair electoral process in Haiti.".

Comment by Dennis Bernstein:

Listen to this: In another dramatic infiltration of the mainstream press, Flashpoints has learned that Ameila Shaw, NPR's current correspondent from Haiti is also a reporter with the US government propaganda organization Voice of America. Shaw's reports have appeared both on voice of America and National Public Radio over the last 48 hours.
Her reports very much in line with the State Department, have tried to suggest that RenRéne Préval is a trouble maker, a spoil sport, who is trying to undermine the mostly free and fair electoral process in Haiti. NPR's willingness to collaborate with Voice of America reporters without revealing her connection, is a glaring example of US government infiltration into the media. Into the media. That's right. Voice of America reporting for national public radio.[2]

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