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American Investigator (AI) was a monthly "syndicated television news magazine seen frequently on the America's Voice network" featuring "investigations into international breaking-news stories." [1][2]

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American Investigator TV
270 Redwood Shores Pkwy #59
Redwood City CA, 94065
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  • Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid, "Another Scandal for Al Gore," Accuracy in Media, September 29, 2000: "The statements were made on a program entitled Trading with the Enemy, produced by Scott Wheeler and a team of investigative reporters at the American Investigator television program. American Investigator has been cited as the first to break some of the most important aspects of the campaign finance scandal and the Clinton-Gore Administration’s export of sensitive technology to China. The program airs in more than 40 television markets around the country."
  • Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid , "Journalists Who Were Right," Accuracy in Media, October 30, 2001: "Some journalists had more information on the terrorist threat to America than the FBI or CIA. ... What remains to be investigated is whether the previous Clinton Administration had a deliberate policy of turning a blind eye to these terrorist activities on American soil. One journalist who investigated one aspect of this problem was Scott Wheeler, chief correspondent for the American Investigator television program. Wheeler's 1999 documentary, Gunrunner's Suite, exposed a smuggling operation on American soil to send armaments to the terrorist government of Libya."