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Andrzej Fidyk "has directed more than 40 documentary films for Polish and British television, and has been awarded a number of prizes for his work. Many regard Fidyk as one of Poland's best documentary film directors, and his filmography includes favourites like Battu's Bioscope (aka Mobile Cinema of Dreams, 1998) and The Parade (1989). He is now working on two films for Piraya Film; Yodok Story and Belarusian Waltz. Fidyk is originally educated as an economist, majoring in international trade at Warsaw University...

"The film Yodok Story follows a 36 year old North Korean defector, Jung Sung San, who has managed to escape through China to South Korea." [1]

Belarusian Waltz: "In Belarus, the totalitarian regime cracks down on all opposition. Anyone criticising the dictator risks imprisonment and torture. Our film, Belarusian Performance is on the incredible personal story of the performance artist Alexander Pushkin, who is one of very few who is not scared. Facing grave consequences he organizes public stunts that mock president Lukashenka. Through his art and sense of humour we take a deep dive into the soul of the Belarusian people.

"Produced in cooperation with the Rafto House Foundation." [2] Shown on PBS in August 2008 Also funded by ITVS International. [1]

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