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Angela Kuga Thas "a Malaysian with a Bachelor in Economics and a postgraduate Diploma in Education, advocates for women's empowerment and non-discrimination. Angela draws her knowledge and experience from her networking and previous work with IWRAW (International Women's Rights Action Watch) Asia Pacific on the CEDAW and with other organizations on women's sexual and reproductive health, and provision of microcredit. Angela is a founding trustee of Knowledge and Rights with Young people through Safer Spaces (KRYSS). Working within a gender equality and human rights framework, KRYSS enables young people in to deal with identity-based discrimination and creative arts in its training and activities. She monitors the local media on sexual discrimination with a small group of fellow Malaysians, and her qualitative research (2004) is the first to focus on lesbianism in Malaysia. As a member of the Association for Progressive Communications Women's Networking Support Program, Angela has been particularly active in gender and ICT policy advocacy and has fostered synergistic collaborations through the inaugural Gender and ICT Awards with the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP), the Malaysian replication of the Women's Electronic Network Training, and the development of the ICT and gender e-primer for the Asian Pacific Development Information Program. Angela also conceptualized and manages the Seed Grant and Small Innovative Projects Fund of the GKP and is advisor to its Youth Social Entrepreneurship Initiative fund. Angela is on the Advisory Council of the Global Fund for Women and is a member of the International Advisory Committee for BRIDGE at the Institute of Development Studies in the United Kingdom." [1]

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