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Bill Andresen is "senior vice president in charge of federal lobbying at Dutko Worldwide. Part of Harry Reid's K Street Cabinet, he served as chief of staff to Sen. Joe Lieberman, and has worked with the centrist Democratic Leadership Council and Third Way, an advocacy group for centrist Democrats, which is pushing for closer ties to business," Russ Baker, wrote August 24, 2006, for AlterNet.

"Firm clients have included: York Capital Management (an investor in distressed companies with an interest in minimizing asbestos liability); the Ephedra Committee of the American Herbal Products Association (the controversial Ephedra was blamed in the deaths of scores of people, the best known being Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Bechler); the Personal Watercraft Industry Association (wants to assure the right to use wave runners and other motorized vehicles on lakes and rivers and in national parks); the American Chemical Council (oppose efforts to control pollution and protect public health from toxic chemicals, and push the U.S. government to oppose EU efforts to test chemicals sold in Europe for health and environmental risks), and General Dynamics (a huge defense and 'homeland security' contractor)," Baker wrote.

Before joining Dutko Worldwide, Andresen was "Vice President for Federal Affairs to the Democratic Leadership Council, where he served as a liaison to Democratic Members of Congress." Andresen "started his Capitol Hill career as Chief of Staff to Congressman Mel Levine, whom he had previously served in the California State Assembly."

Andresen has "a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from the University of Southern California. He sits on the Board of Directors for the Center for Excellence in Education." [1]

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