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The Coalition for a Conservative Majority (CCM), a 501(c)(4) "entity that bills itself as a grass-roots action and advocacy organization",[1] was co-founded in November 2007 by indicted former Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and former Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell to "help conservatives better convey their message to voters and take back control of Congress."[2]

"CCM plans to establish several local chapters in major media markets throughout the country (a meeting of the Houston chapter, in DeLay's political backyard, is scheduled for Nov. 27[, 2007]). CCM particularly is targeting those media markets where left-of-center advocacy groups and 527s are operating.

"Through these chapters and Blackwell's personal outreach, CCM plans to 'identify, recruit, train, inspire, activate and mobilize conservative activists to take specific action on policy issues and political causes'."[1]

DeLay's "target is to combat a well-organised coalition of liberal pressure groups led by, whose backers include billionaire financier George Soros. ... In one tactic borrowed straight from the opposition playbook, CCM volunteers will be issued with video cameras to pursue Democratic politicians in the hope of capturing a so-called 'YouTube' moment if they say or do something embarrassing or contradictory."[3]

"Democrats said the new group is part of a 'shadow' effort by conservatives, including outlets such as the Majority Accountability Project and Freedom's Watch, who they say are made up of Republicans who were in power when their party began to fall out of favor with independent voters."[2]


Blackwell, CCM's Chairman, is the only one named as "Leadership" on the groups website.[4]

However, according to a November 15, 2007, article published by Roll Call, DeLay "will remain active in CCM, in particular as honorary finance chairman. ... Chris Perkins is serving as CCM's executive director and will be based in Washington, D.C., where he will oversee additional staff. Perkins formerly served as vice president of the now-defunct Free Enterprise Fund and previously worked at Americans for a Republican Majority, the political action committee DeLay ran when he served in the House."[1]


Blackwell "began fundraising and organizing for the group earlier [in 2007]. Members will be required to pay an annual fee of $52, which will go toward funding the group's outreach efforts."[2]

Charity registration

CCM registered as a 501(c)(4) tax exempt charitable organization with the Washington State Secretary of State as the Coalition for a Conservative Majority, Inc. prior to December 2006. CCM stated that it utilized The Richard Norman Company as its "Commercial Fundraisers or Co-Venturers Utilized (past & present)".[5]

Contact information

1747 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Suite 1000
Washington, D.C. 20006

Physical address
1101 30th Street NW
Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20007
Phone: 202 625-4379
Fax: 775 659-2036


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