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Gasgate 1963: the world's biggest public-private partnership between unequal partners: ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell and the dutch government.

Key-document 'La Condition Americaine' on [2]: U.S. pipeline lock-in contract with Europe: long distance and high pressure technology for the dutch and later the European gas distribution network was forced upon the European heavy industry, taking unfair advantage of post-war energy-policies and asymmetric diplomacy leading to the world disorder of incorporated governance we are now confronted with.

ExxonMobil's cheap-oil strategy structurally playing down global warming speaks for itself: other options are boldly answered by Lee Raymond (still now since he left ExxonMobil): "That's not the way we do business".

Shell's U.S. CEO John Hofmeister welcomes critical questions like in a recent public debate in Houston, November 2006, mediated by Houston Chronicle's Loren Steffi, exposed the opposite attitude: "That's the way we do business!" But beware, who believes Shell after the SEC-scam on the unparalleled scale and scope of the recent reserves scandal.

Now, how on earth can these multinationals work together in Europe's Gasunie and prevent Putin from taking over?