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David H. Padden is President of Padden & Company Inc.[1], a Chicago-based investment securities firm, and spinoff Padco Lease Corporation. He plays a prominent role in a number of libertarian think tanks:


Known Associates

Peter Ackerman, Managing Director, Rockport Financial Ltd.; K. Tucker Andersen, Senior Consultant, Cumberland Associates LLC; Frank Bond, Chairman, The Foundation Group; Edward H. Crane, President, Cato Institute; Richard J. Dennis, President, Dennis Trading Group; Theodore J. Forstmann, Principal, Forstmann Little & Company; Ethelmae C. Humphreys, Chairman, Tamko Roofing Products, Inc.; David H. Koch, Executive Vice President, Koch Industries, Inc.; John C. Malone, Chairman, Liberty Media Corporation; William A. Niskanen, Chairman, Cato Institute; Lewis E. Randall, Board Member, E*Trade Financial; Howard S. Rich, President, U.S. Term Limits; Frederick W. Smith, Chairman & CEO, FedEx Corporation; Jeffrey S. Yass, Managing Director, Susquehanna International Group, LLP; Alejandro A. Chafuen; Wade Fetzer III; Edwin J. Feulner, Jr.; David Humphreys; Alejandro Garza Lagüera; Bernard T. Lomas; Jeff D. Sandefer; Robert A. Sirico; George W. Strake, Jr.; David Humphreys - Chairman, Tamko Asphalt Products; Betsy DeVos - Treasurer, The Windquest Group, Inc.; Alejandro A. Chafuen - Secretary, Atlas Economic Research Foundation; Rev. Robert A. Sirico - President, The Acton Institute; Barry Conner, America's Home Place; Robert Costello, Social Security Choice.org; Frank Hanna III, HBR Capital, Ltd.; Alejandro Garza Lagüera, Pulsar International; David Milroy, Reams Asset Management Company; J.C. Huizenga, National Heritage Academies; Sidney J. Jansma, Jr., Wolverine Gas and Oil Corporation; Ren Broekhuizen, Pastor, Ridge Point Community Church; Carol Erickson Martino, Consultant, Ambrosetti Group; Daniel C. Lynch, Bionomics Chairman; Terry Huffington; Mark H. Edwards; J.G. "Mike" Ford, Jr.; Peter Gruber; Allan C. King; Leo Linbeck, Jr.; Leigh Marriner; Bill Melton; John Porter; Michael Rothschild; Mark A. Tebbe; Herbert J. Walberg, Chairman University of Illinois - Chicago; James L. Johnston Amoco Corporation (retired); Joseph L. Bast, President and CEO, The Heartland Institute; Roy E. Marden, Public Policy Consultant; Walter F. Buchholtz, ExxonMobil Corporation; Robert Buford, Planned Realty Group; Frank Resnik, Medline Inc. (retired); Paul Fisher, Piper, Marbury, Rudnick & Wolfe; Leslie Rose, Fidelity Bank; James Fitzgerald, BankNote Capital LLC; Lee Tooman, Golden Rule Insurance Company; Dan Hales, Peterson & Ross; Lee H. Walker, New Coalition for Economic & Social Change; William Higginson, Chicago Equity Fund Inc.; Thomas Walton, General Motors; Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation Board of Directors: David H. Koch; Sarah Atkins; Wayne Gable; John Thomas; Walter Williams. CSE Board of Directors: Jim Burnley; C. Boyden Gray; Thomas Knudsen; James C. Miller III; Richard Stephenson; Dirk Van Dongen.