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Doner Fundraising established by Kate Doner in 2003 in Austin Texas, is a fundraising and event services company "that partners with issue based non-profits, coalitions, corporations, and professional associations" and Republican candidates. [1]

Although listed on the site of the State Policy Network [2] and its current newsletter as its event planning consultant, there is no website corresponding to the domain. Her colleague, Elizabeth James, who lists her phone number as the same as Doner Fundraising, has an email address affiliated with Quorum Public Affairs, another Austin strategic public affairs company helping businesses to cinfluence goverment and regulatory policies.

Tonda Bunge, a former consultant for ten years with Doner Fund Raising, currently directs the Austin Game Conference. She was involved with the Texas Public Policy Foundation and the Governor's Business Council. [3].

Doner also serves as Development Director for the Texas Civil Justice League (TCJL) acording to the TCJI Journal. TCJL-Journal-Winter-2004.pdf (Pdf)

A biographical note states that "Doner received her Bachelor’s of Arts from Hillsdale College in Michigan with a double degree in Political Science and History. She is a native of Michigan, has lived in Texas since 1993." [4] (Pdf) She served as Director of Finance for the Texas Public Policy Foundation in 2003. [5]

Doner also served as as part of the fundraisng team of the Texans for Lawsuit Reform in 2003, according to The Advocate, the newsletter of that organization. [6] (Pdf)

She managed the Austin fundraising for Texas Representative Joe Nixon in his race for the Texas Senate in 2005. Nixon of Houston chaired the Texas House Civil Practices Committee and was described by Texans for Lawsuit Reform in 2003, in The Advocate as "our one true friend" there and a courageous lawyer." [7] In a news release, Nixon described Doner as "known throughout the state as an Austin fundraising powerhouse....Her client list reads like the who's who of Texas' best known Republican and conservative causes." [8].

Doner's comments on tort reform appeared in the Winter 2006 issue of James Madison Institute. [9]

Her former husband, John Doner operates John Doner & Associates. His Austin-based firm provides marketing services and consulting for political campaigns, political action committees, grassroots initiatives, and associations since 1989.

Contact information

Kate Doner
Doner Fundraising
815 Brazos Street, Suite 701
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: (512) 476-4403
Fax: (512) 233-2246
Email: kate AT
Alternative email: kate AT

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