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The Environmental Issues Council (EIC) was established in 1993 by a number of leading U.S. industry trade associations to serve as a "new ally against ill-conceived environmental regulation." On its website it stated that it was "promoting sound environmental policies".

A 2001 version of its website stated that EIC was formed by groups "who saw the need to explore common sense solutions to widely-debated environmental problems. EIC members depend on the land for economic survival. As faithful stewards of the land, we have long recognized the need to balance environmental protection with economic considerations ... EIC members are concerned, however, that efforts to provide for a safe and healthful environment have fallen prey to potent political constituencies who have chosen "The Environment" as their battleground. The political impasse which prevents the improvement of most major environmental statutes and the on-going battle over policy must be replaced with a positive, common sense agenda for improving environmental protection in America. The EIC is seeking to: establish balanced environmental policies based on credible science and prudent economics; develop strategies on federal policies that affect the nation's health, environment and economic well-being; and communicate positive solutions to the private and public sectors."[1]

The group appears to be defunct as its website is no longer active and was last indexed by the Internet Archive in April 2003.[2]

Documents Contained at the Anti-Environmental Archives
Documents written by or referencing this person or organization are contained in the Anti-Environmental Archive, launched by Greenpeace on Earth Day, 2015. The archive contains 3,500 documents, some 27,000 pages, covering 350 organizations and individuals. The current archive includes mainly documents collected in the late 1980s through the early 2000s by The Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research (CLEAR), an organization that tracked the rise of the so called "Wise Use" movement in the 1990s during the Clinton presidency. Access the index to the Anti-Environmental Archives here.


The EIC was chaired by A. Alan Moghissi, who also serves as chairman of the American Council on Science and Health. It claims to promote "common sense solutions to widely-debated environmental problems."

Other Affiliations

Sponsors of the EIC include[3]:

Contact Information

Environmental Issues Council
1101 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036
Website: eico.org

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