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Learn more about Pete Peterson-funded astroturf projects at the Fix the Debt Portal.

The Campaign to Fix the Debt is the latest incarnation of a decades-long effort by former Nixon man turned Wall Street billionaire Pete Peterson to slash earned benefit programs such as Social Security and Medicare under the guise of fixing the nation's "debt problem."

With a staff of 80, a target of $60 million for their budget, $40 million of which was raised by February 2013, and numerous DC PR firms working on its account, Fix the Debt is best described as an "astroturf supergroup."[1] When the organization’s Meetups and social media campaigns failed to generate a grassroots uprising, it began to start chapters and hire staff in 23 states.[1]

In January 2013, Fix the Debt told Fortune that in an attempt to “rally a volunteer army” they were moving outside the beltway. “Up to this point, Fix the Debt's ad campaigns have been largely Washington-focused, combined with a heavy dose of CEO-lobbying. The next phase, Romano says, is national outreach. The campaign increasingly resembles a presidential race, with grassroots-style organizing and offices in places like New Hampshire, Ohio, Florida and Michigan.” [2]

This article is part of the Center for Media and Democracy's investigation of Pete Peterson's Campaign to "Fix the Debt." Please visit our main SourceWatch page on Fix the Debt.

About Fix the Debt
The Campaign to Fix the Debt is the latest incarnation of a decades-long effort by former Nixon man turned Wall Street billionaire Pete Peterson to slash earned benefit programs such as Social Security and Medicare under the guise of fixing the nation's "debt problem." Through a special report and new interactive wiki resource, the Center for Media and Democracy -- in partnership with the Nation magazine -- exposes the funding, the leaders, the partner groups, and the phony state "chapters" of this astroturf supergroup. Learn more at and in the Nation magazine.

Fix the Debt Formula for State Chapters


As of February 2013, Fix the Debt has 23 “state chapters” listed on its website.[3] Those state chapters have been created following a similar formula: two prominent people are picked (usually one Republican and one Democrat), a state PR firm is hired, and a press release goes out or a teleconference is held announcing the formation of a chapter. The announcement is usually greeted with a significant amount of uncritical press. The state chapters do not have street addresses and the contact people are often state-based PR firms. This formula, however, helps to project Fix the Debt's desired reputation as a “grassroots,” bi-partisan effort.

A deal averting the so-called “fiscal cliff” was announced on January 2, 2013. The next day, many of the Fix the Debt “chapters” sent out nearly identical press releases entitled “Hold the Applause,” with similar quotes from the respective state chapter leaders. These press releases appeared on Fix the Debt’s main website, and the contacts listed on the press releases are employed by media and consulting firms in those states, such as Sarah Hubbard who is listed as the contact for the press release from Michigan. Hubbard works for Acuitas LLC, a “full services lobbying firm in Lansing, MI.”

More Than 90 Fix the Debt State Leaders are Current or Former Lobbyists

As the Progressive Change Campaign Committee has pointed out "many of these co-chairs and steering committee members share another trait: they are corporate lobbyists."[4]

In February 2013, the Center for Media and Democracy reviewed federal and state lobbying databases as well as newspaper accounts and concluded that at least 93 Fix the Debt leaders at the state level are current or former lobbyists. In nine states, one of the state co-chairs is a lobbyist. See below for more details.

State Chapters


The Arizona chapter of Fix the Debt was announced in January of 2013.


  • Terry Goddard, former Attorney General (D)
  • Jim Kolbe, former U.S. Representative (R)

Steering Committee Members

  • Glenn Hamer, CEO, Arizona Chamber of Commerce
    • Active lobbyist as of 2008 for Arizona Chamber of Commerce.[5]
  • David Kong, President & CEO, Best Western International
  • Jim Lake, Mayor, Scottsdale
  • Chad Campbell, State Representative & House Minority Leader (D)
    • Lobbied from 2003 to 2007 for the Arizona Advocacy Network, Arizona Leadership Institute, Children's Action Alliance, and Sierra Club-Grand Canyon Chapter.[6]
  • Andy Tobin, State Representative & Speaker of the House (R)
  • John Kavanagh, State Representative (R)
  • Paul Hickman, CEO, Arizona Bankers Association
    • Active lobbyist as of 2010 for Arizona Bankers Association.[7]
  • Jerry Fuentes, President, AT&T - Arizona and New Mexico
    • Active lobbyist as of 2009 for AT&T Inc.[8]
  • Joe Galli, Executive Director, North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce
    • Active lobbyist as of 2012 for the North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce.[9]
  • Rick Murray, CEO, Arizona Small Business Association
    • Active lobbyist as of 2012 for the Arizona Small Business Association.[10]

New steering committee members as of December 2013:

  • Barry Goldwater Jr., former U.S. Representative (R-AZ)
  • Dana Naimark, CEO, Children’s Action Alliance
  • Jean Lewis, Owner, Benson RV Park
  • Esther Hillman, Owner, Hillman Jewelers
  • David Rivera, Owner, The VoVo Shop
  • Roberta Adragna, Owner, Classic Screen Printing
  • Mitch DeHelean, Owner, Prentice Garage
  • Mike Kemper, Owner, Canadian Utility Construction Corporation
  • Kerwin Brown, CEO & President, Phoenix Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Jim Sharp, Host of Sharp in the Morning, KFYI 550AM


The Colorado chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in December of 2012.


  • Richard Lamm, former Governor of Colorado (D)
  • Norma Anderson, former State Senator & State Senate Majority Leader (R)

Steering Committee Members

  • John Hickenlooper, Governor (D)
  • Cary Kennedy, Deputy Mayor, City of Denver; former Colorado State Treasurer
    • Registered lobbyist from 2002 through 2005.[11]
  • Hank Brown, former U.S. Senator (R)
  • Mary Estill Buchanan, former Colorado Secretary of State (R)
  • Sean Conway, Commissioner, Weld County (R)
  • Lois Court, State Representative (D)
  • Dan Grossman, former State Senator (D)
    • Registered lobbyist from 2008 to 2011 on behalf of the Environmental Defense Fund's Rocky Mountain office.[12]
  • Josh Penry, former State Senator (R) & State Senate Minority Leader
    • Federal lobbyist since 2010 for a variety of groups.[13]
  • Dan Ritchie, Chancellor Emeritus, University of Denver
  • David Skaggs, former U.S. Representative (D)
    • Active lobbyist since 2012.[14]
  • Carl Miller, former State Representative (D); former Commissioner, Public Utilities Commission
    • Registered lobbyist from 2001 to 2007.[15]
  • John Brackney, President & CEO, South Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • Steve Hogan, Mayor, City of Aurora
  • Gary Hart, former U.S. Senator (D)
  • Bill Ritter Jr., former Governor (D-CO)
  • Paul Schauer, former State Representative (R-CO)
  • Jesse Byrnes, Managing Editor, The Scribe
  • Ray Kogovsek, former U.S. Representative (D-CO)
    • Active lobbyist since 2012.[16]
  • Kirsten Silveira, Volunteer, CSU Student
  • Reeves Whalen, Attorney, Burg Simpson
  • Michael Hancock, Mayor, City of Denver


The Florida chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in October 2012.


  • Donna Shalala: President of University of Miami
    • Federal Lobbyist for the University of Miami.[17]
  • Mel Martinez: Former US Senator (R)

Steering Committee

  • Paul Stebbins, Executive Chairman, World Fuel Services Corporation
  • Paul Hernandez, Council Member, City of Hialeah
  • Jose Caragol, Council Member, City of Hialeah
  • Luis Gonzalez, Council Vice President, City of Hialeah Council
  • Chip Lamarca, Commissioner, Broward County
  • Mary Mulhern, Council Member, City of Tampa
  • Mark Sharpe, Commissioner, Hillsbourgh County
    • Federal lobbyist for Anazao Health from 2003 to 2007.[18]
  • Jim Davis, former U.S. Representative (D); Partner, Holland & Knight
    • Federal lobbyists for various clients since 2008.[19]
  • Herman Echevarria, CEO & Chairman, BVK/Meka
  • Julio Fuentes, President & CEO, Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Dargan Watts, Director, Birchmore Group
  • Justin Sayfie, Publisher, Sayfie Review
    • Registered lobbyist in 2012 for various clients including Google.[20]
  • Peter Deutsch, former U.S. Representative (D); Chairman, Ben Gamla Charter Schools
  • Liliam M. Lopez, President and CEO, South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Dr. Eduardo Padron, President, Miami-Dade Community College
    • Registered lobbyist in 2012 for Miami-Dade College.[21]
  • Daniel Azel, President, Andale Group
  • Steven Bornstein, Financial Advisor, Axa Advisors, LLC
  • Ricardo Campo, Managing Director, Leon Mayer & Co.
  • Jeff Green, Commissioner, Cooper City
  • Francois Illas, President, Metropolitan Strategic Consulting
    • Registered lobbyist in 2006, 2007, and 2011 for four media/outdoor advertising companies.[22]
  • Brad McBride, President, Zero Down Services
  • Andro Nodarse-Leon, Managing Partner, Leon Mayer & Co.
  • Seth Shortlidge, President & CEO, NTE Energy
  • Rebecca Sosa, County Commissioner, Miami-Dade County
  • John Wakefield, President & COO, EcoAsset Solutions, LLC
  • Adrian Wyllie, President, Florida Libertarian Party
  • Ron Silver, former State Senator & State Representative (R)
    • Registered lobbyist in 2012 for various clients.[23]
  • George Burgess, CFO, Becker Poliakoff; former Miami-Dade County Manager
  • Sean Shaw, former Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate; Attorney, Merlin Law Group
    • Registered lobbyist in 2010 in Florida for the Department of Financial Services.[24]
  • Janee Murphy, Partner, Community Partners Strategy Group; former Chair, Hillsborough County DEC
  • Henry Moseley, Founder & President, Goldsborough Company
  • Mark Flynn, President & CEO, Florida Smart Justice Alliance
    • Registered lobbyist in 2012 for Associated Industries of Florida and Bridges of America.[25]
  • Geoffrey Simon, Senior Vice President, Investments, Simon & Associates Wealth Management of Raymond James


The Georgia chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in October 2012.


  • Rick W. Allen, CEO, R.W. Allen & Associates
  • Martha Zoller, Conservative[26] Talk Radio Show Host, WXKT FM 103.7

Steering Committee Members

  • Ed Harbeson, State Senator (D)
  • Josh McKoon, State Senator (R)
  • Joe Coley, family practice physician (ret.)
  • Paul Voorhees, Owner, WBLE Radio Station
  • James D. Lawrence, Council Member, City of Camilla
  • Robert Poydashef, former Mayor, City of Columbus
  • Harry Walker, Major General (ret.)
  • Pat Gartland, former Southeast Regional Advocate, Small Business Administration
  • Bob Young, former Mayor, City of Augusta
  • John Godard, MD; former President, Georgia Society of Ophthalmology
  • Bunny Godard, Civic & Social Organization Consultant
  • Jack Pezold, Owner, Pezold Management Associates
  • Charles Meriwether, Owner, Haas & Dodd
  • Scott Johnson, Senior Vice President, Financial Supermarkets, Inc.
  • Ben Harbin, State Representative (R)
  • Tom Buck, former State Representative (D)
  • Dave McLeary, Conservative Activist
  • Hunter Collins, Assistant Manager, White Interiors
  • Raymer Sale, President, E2E Benefits Services, Inc.
  • Jim Whitehead, former State Senator (R)
  • Ketan Shah, President & Owner, Digital Express Printing
  • Steve Friend, Savannah business man
  • Julianne Thompson, State Coordinator, Tea Party Patriots
  • Heath Garrett, founder, Garrett McNatt Hennessey & Carpenter 360; former Chief of Staff for Senator Isakson
    • Registered lobbyist in 2009, 2010, and 2012 in Georgia for a few different firms.[27]
  • Sandra Thompson, Director of Business Education, University of West Georgia
  • Aaron Johnson, Professor, Darton College
  • Matt Sawhill, Government Relations, Atlanta Gas Light Company
    • Registered lobbyist in Georgia since 2006. Lobbied for AGL Resources and Georgia EMC.[28]
  • Deborah Bowie, Senior Director of Public Policy & Communications, Albany Area Chamber
    • Registered lobbyist in Georgia in 2011 and 2012 on behalf of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce.[29]


The Indiana chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in January 2013.


  • Jim Schlesinger, Chairman & CEO, CSO Architects
  • Phil Terry, CEO, Monarch, Inc.

Steering Committee Members

  • Patrick Kiely, President & CEO of the Indiana Manufacturers Association.
    • Registered as a lobbyist in Indiana since 2000, on behalf of the Indiana Manufacturers Association, a trade association.[30]
  • Tim Brown, State Representative (R)
  • John Mutz, former Lieutenant Governor (R) of Indiana.
    • Registered as a lobbyist in Indiana in 2001 on behalf of Cinergy Corp., an energy utility company that was acquired by Duke Energy in 2005.[31]
  • Mary Ann Sullivan, former State Representative (D).
    • Registered as a lobbyist in Indiana in 2001 on behalf of CD Enterprises, LTD., a private venture capital company. [32]
  • John Thompson, CEO, Thompson Distribution Company, Inc.; Chairman, Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce
  • John Hammond, Chairman of the 7th Congressional District Republican Party and Republican National Committeeman for Indiana.
    • Registered as a lobbyist in Indiana from 2002-2013 on behalf of Ice Miller LLP, a large law firm.[33]
  • Eric Turner, State Representative & House Speaker Pro-Tempore (R)
  • Peggy Welch, former State Representative (D); former Member, Indiana House Budget Committee


The Iowa chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in December 2012.


  • Dr. Andrea McGuire, President & COO, Meridian Health Plan, Inc.
  • Bill Dix, State Senator (R-IA)

Steering Committee Members

  • Joe Seng, State Senator (D)
  • James Kurtenbach, former State Representative (R); former Co-Chair, Republican Party of Iowa
  • Bruce Hunter, State Representative (D)
    • Federal lobbyist from 1999 to 2007 for the American Association of School Administrators.[34]
  • Mark Hanawalt, President, United Equipment Accessories
  • Darin Beck, CEO, Bermuda Companies
  • Ray Brown, CEO, The ESCO Group
  • Troy Vincent, President & CEO, Live Healthy America
  • Jon Troen, CEO, Catchfire Media and ColorFX
  • Naomi Leinen, Chair, Pottawattamie County Republican Party
  • Steve Kettering, State Senator (R)
  • Jon McAvoy, Council Member, City of Adel
  • Bob Fleming, President, The SUMO Group
  • Anne Kinzel, Activist, Democratic Party
  • Randall Bauer, Director, PFM Group
  • Dolores Mertz, former State Representative (D)
  • Bill Dotzler, State Senator (D)
  • David Oman, former Chief of Staff for Governors Robert Ray and Terry Branstad.

    • Registered as a lobbyist in 2001 for the Iowa Child Institute.[35]
  • Dave Nagle, former U.S. Congressman (D)
  • Mike Hobart, former Mayor, Sioux City (R)
    • Lobbied for federal stimulus dollars for IA agencies, 2009.[36]
  • Rick Bertrand, State Senator (R)
  • Renee Schulte, former State Representative (R); Owner, Schulte Consulting, LLC
  • Dave Vaudt, Auditor, State of Iowa
  • Paul Kern, Owner, Paul Kern Insurance Agency
    • Federal lobbyist from 2005 to 2008 representing various clients, including Alcoa.[37]


The Louisiana chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in January 2013.


  • Mitch Landrieu, Mayor, New Orleans (D)

Steering Committee Members

  • Jackie Clarkson, President, New Orleans City Council, former State Representative (D)
  • Michael Olivier, CEO, Louisiana Committee of 100 for Economic Development, Inc.
    • Registered lobbyist from 2011 to 2012 Committee of 100 for Economic Development, Inc.[38]
  • Herschel Abbott, former President, BellSouth-Louisiana
    • Federal lobbyist from 2001 to 2006 for BellSouth and AT&T.[39]
  • Paul Flower, President & CEO, Woodward Design + Build
  • Ben Johnson, CEO, New Orleans Chamber of Commerce
  • Randy Roach, Mayor, City of Lake Charles
  • Jay Bennett Johnston, former U.S. Senator (D)
    • Federal lobbyist from 1998 through 2012, lobbying for various clients including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and the American Petroleum Institute.[40]
  • Brad Fortier, President, Fortier Financial; Certified Financial Planner; Certified Estate Planner
  • Kip Holden, Mayor, City of Baton Rouge
  • Dominik Knoll, CEO, NOLA World Trade Center
  • JP Morrell, State Senator (D)
  • Walter "Walt" John Legger, III, State Representative (D)


The Maine chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in October 2012.


  • John Baldacci, former Governor (D); former U.S. Representative
  • Rick Bennett, former State Senate President (R); Chairman, GMI Ratings

Steering Committee Members

  • Laurie Gagnon Lachance, President, Thomas College
  • Phil Harriman, former State Senator (R)
  • Bill Becker, Vice President, Key Bank of Maine
  • Jean Ginn Marvin, former State Representative (R); Owner/Operator, Nonantum Resort
  • Chris Hall, Senior Vice President of Government Relations, Portland Chamber
    • Registered lobbyist in Maine for the Portland Regional Chamber.[41]
  • Chris Claudio, CEO, WinXNet
  • Scott Gleeson, President, North Atlantic Insurance Associates
  • Fletcher Kitteridge, CEO, Great Works Internet
  • Matt Jacobson, Executive Vice President, Oxford Networks
  • Jean Maginnis, Founder & Executive Director, Maine Center for Creativity
  • Severin M. Beliveau, former State Senator (D)
    • Registered as a lobbyist in 2011 and 2012 for several organizations including: American Express Travel Related Services, Anheuser-Busch Companies, Associated General Contractors, Becton Dickinson and Company, Black Bear Development, CarFax, Inc., Maine Automobile Dealers Association, Inc., Maine Health Care Association, Maine Independent Colleges Association, Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. and its affiliates, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, Scientific Games International Inc., Ski Maine Association, Theater Owners of New England.[42]


The Maryland chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in December 2012.

Steering Committee Members

  • James Benoit, Councilman, Anne Arundel County; CEO, Federal Data Systems
  • Michael Cryor, former Chairman, Maryland Democratic Party; President, The Cryor Group
  • Chip DiPaula, former Budget Secretary & Chief of Staff, Governor Bob Ehrlich (R-MD)
  • Michael Enright, Managing Director, Beowulf Energy; former Chief of Staff, Governor O’Malley (D)
  • Wayne Gilchrest, former U.S. Representative (R); Director, Eastern Shore Land Conservancy
  • Timothy Maloney, former Chair, Capital Budget; Attorney
  • Lin Eagan, Owner, Lakeview Title Company
  • Mary Kane, former Maryland Secretary of State
  • Tom McMillen, former U.S. Representative (D-MD)
  • Bruce Poole, former State Representative & House Majority Leader (D)
  • Nicolas Ramos, Owner, Arcos Restaurant; CEO, Casas Y Comunidad
  • Martin Richardson, Owner, Verde Group
  • Paul Sheehy, Director, Sheehy Auto Stores
  • Ben Wu, Vice Chair, US-Asia Institute
  • Donald Fry, President & CEO of Greater Baltimore Committee
    • Registered in 2012 as a lobbyist in Maryland on behalf of the Greater Baltimore Committee.[43]
  • Anirban Basu, Chairman & CEO, Sage Policy Group
  • Sean Creamer, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Arbitron Inc.
  • Richard Cross, former Speechwriter, Governor Ehrlich (R); columnist
  • Hon. Jim Smith, former County Executive, Baltimore County
    • Registered as a lobbyist in 2012 in Maryland on behalf of the law firm Smith, Gildea & Schmidt, LLC.[44]
  • Mark Fetting, former Chairman & CEO Legg Mason, Inc.
  • Kevin Igoe, former Deputy Chief of Staff, Republican National Committee
    • Lobbied in 2006 for BWI Thurgood Marshall Int’l Airport Taxi Management Inc. and Sava Senior Care[45]
  • Chevy Fleischman Weiss, former Strategist, Blueprint Maryland
  • Mitchell Whiteman, Financial Advisor, Brown Advisory; Chairman, KIPP Baltimore
  • Martin Knott, Owner, Knott Mechanical, Wye River Technologies; Chairman, Maryland Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO)


The Michigan chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in December 2012.


  • Sandy K. Baruah, President & CEO, Detroit Regional Chamber
  • Ken Sikkema, Senior Policy Fellow, Public Sector Consultants; former State Senator & Majority Leader (R)
    • Registered lobbyist in Michigan since 2007.[46]
  • Jocelyn Benson, Associate Professor of Law, Wayne State University; Director; MI Center for Election Law

Steering Committee Members

  • Rick Baker, President & CEO, Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce
    • Registered lobbyist in Michigan since 2011 for the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce.[47]
  • Tom Baldini, former Chair, International Joint Commission
  • Jim Byrum, President, Michigan Agri-Business Association
  • Richard Clanton, Mayor, City of Kentwood
  • Amy Clickner, CEO, Lake Superior Community Partnership
  • Tim Daman, President & CEO, Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Rob Fowler, President & CEO, Small Business Association of Michigan
    • Registered lobbyist since 2002 for the Small Business Association of Michigan.[48]
  • Dan Gilmartin, Executive Director & CEO, Michigan Municipal League
    • Registered lobbyist since 2009 for the Michigan Municipal League.[49]
  • Jimmy Greene, President & CEO, Associated Builders & Contractors – The Greater MI Chapter
  • Kathy Hayes, Executive Director, Michigan Association of School Boards
    • Registered lobbyist since 2010 for the Michigan Association of School Boards.[50]
  • Steve Hicks, President & CEO, JM Longyear
  • Roger Kahn, Michigan State Senator (R); Chair, Senate Appropriations Committee
  • Jennifer Kluge, President and CEO, Michigan Business and Professional Association
  • Kevin McKinney, CEO, McKinney & Associates
    • Registered lobbyist since 1995 for various clients including the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Association of Professional Insurance Agents, and the Michigan Cable Telecommunications Association.[51]
  • Jim Murray, President, AT&T – Michigan
    • Registered lobbyist since 2005. Between 2005 and 2007 he spent $28,854.43 on lobbying in Michigan.[52]
  • Mark Murray, President & CEO, Meijer
    • Registered lobbyist since 2008 for Meijer.[53]
  • Mike Nystrom, Executive Vice President, Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association
    • Registered lobbyist since 2006 for Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association.[54]
  • Jack O'Reilly, Mayor, City of Dearborn
  • Daniel Paletko, Mayor, City of Dearborn Heights
  • Phil Power, Founder & President, Center for Michigan
  • Emily Pontz, Legislative Aide, State Sen. Booher (R)
  • John J. H. "Joe" Schwarz, former U.S. Representative (R)
  • James Shoemaker II, Vice President of Operations, Morbark
  • Amanda Van Essen, JAG Michigan National Guard, Vice President & Co-Owner of P2 Sports, LLC
  • Dayne Walling, Mayor, City of Flint


The Minnesota chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in January 2013.


  • Tim Penny, former U.S. Representative (D)
  • Martin Olav Sabo, former U.S. Representative (D); Chair, House Budget Committee
  • Rudy Boschwitz, former U.S. Senator (R)
    • Boschwitz is the head of the Boschwitz Associates lobbying firm, where in 2011 he worked for both Ball Aerospace & Technologies and TCF Bank.[55]

Steering Committee Members

  • David Minge, former U.S. Representative (R); former Judge, MN Court of Appeals
  • Kristin Robbins, Executive Director, Economic Club of Minnesota
  • Joe Atkins, State Representative (D)
  • Chuck Slocum, CEO, Williston Group
  • Dave Broden, CEO, Broden Resource Solutions, LLC
  • Mark Kennedy, former U.S. Representative (R); Chair, Economic Club of Minnesota
  • Bill Frenzel, former U.S. Representative (R); Founder, Economic Club of Minnesota


The Missouri chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in December 2012.


  • Kit Bond, former U.S. Senator (R); former Governor (R)
    • Bond was hired in January, 2013 to be the Federal Lobbyist for the city of Kansas City. The Kansas City-based firm Kit Bond Strategies states that it is “a business development and consulting firm that utilizes decades of service and experience in federal, state, and local government to advance our clients’ agendas throughout Missouri, Washington, D.C., and international markets.”[56]
  • Bob Holden, former Governor (D)

Steering Committee Members

  • Clint Zweifel, Missouri State Treasurer (D)
  • Jack Craft, Partner, Lathrop & Gage
  • Rita Needham, CEO, Missouri Association of Manufacturers
    • Registered lobbyist for the Missouri Association of Manufacturers since 2012.[57]
  • Dan Mehan, CEO, Missouri Chamber of Commerce
    • Employed by Missouri Chamber of Commerce in 2002 and 2006.[58]
  • Peter Kinder, Lieutenant Governor (R)
  • James O'Hallaron, President & CEO, MO CPA Association
  • Patty Penny, Owner, Penmac Personnel

New Hampshire

The New Hampshire chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in October 2012.


  • Donnalee Lozeau, Mayor, City of Nashua
  • Lou D’Allesandro, State Senator (D)

Steering Committee Members

  • Donna Sytek, former State Representative (R); former State House Speaker
  • Tom Eaton, former State Senator & President (R)
  • Jeb Bradley, State Senator & Majority Leader (R)
  • Ray Burton, Councilor, State of New Hampshire Executive Council
  • Gary Lambert, State Senator (R)
  • Peter Angerhofer, Vice President, Accretive Health
  • Joe Foster, former State Senator & Majority Leader (D)
  • Jim Bouley, Mayor, City of Concord
    • Registered and active 2013 lobbyist for eight different firms in New Hampshire.[59]
  • Dick Swett, former U.S. Representative (D)
    • Federal lobbyist in 1998 for MA Berman, Co.[60]
  • Dawn Wivell, CEO, Firebrand International LLC
  • Jim Craig, former State Representative & House Majority Leader (D)
  • Joe Keefe, President & CEO, Pax World Mutual Funds
  • Steve Merrill, former Governor (R)
  • Don Lebrun, State Representative (R)
  • Matt Swank, State Representative (R)
  • Lenette Peterson, State Representative (R)
  • Chris Stewart, Member, Manchester School Board
  • Arthur Klemm, former State Senate President (R)
  • Kathy Sgambati, former State Senator (D)
  • Bob Letourneau, former State Senator (R)
  • Gray Chenowith, COO, Dyn
  • Sarah Stewart, President, Bfresh Consulting; former Director, Jon Huntsman for President, NH chapter
  • Peter Bragdon, State Senator & Senate President (R)

North Carolina

The North Carolina chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in December 2012.


  • Hugh McColl, former CEO, Bank of America
  • Robert Ingram, former CEO, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Jim Hunt, former Governor (D) (Honorary Co-Chair)
  • Jim Holshouser, former Governor (R) (Honorary Co-Chair)
    • Registered and active lobbyist for Pepsi, Advantage Capital Corporation, Manor House Retirement Centers, and Premier Venture Capital.[61]

Steering Committee Members

  • William V. “Bill” Bell, Mayor, City of Durham
  • Mary-Ann Baldwin, Council Member, City of Raleigh
  • Paul Fulton, Chairman of the Board, Bassett Furniture
  • CD Spangler, former President, University of North Carolina System
  • Nancy McFarlane, Mayor, City of Raleigh
  • Robbie Perkins, Mayor, City of Greensboro
  • Stella Adams, CEO, SJ Adams Consulting; Board Member, North Carolina NAACP
  • Fred Eshelman, former CEO, PPD Pharmaceuticals
  • Billy Ray Hall, President, North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center
    • Registered and active lobbyist for the North Carolina rural economic development center.
  • Anita Brown-Graham, Director, Institute for Emerging Issues
  • Barbara Mulkey, Founder& CEO, Mulkey Engineers and Consultants
  • Brad Wilson, CEO, BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina
    • Registered and active lobbyist for BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina.
  • Hannah Gage, Founder, Cape Fear Broadcasting Co.
  • Eddie Smith, CEO, Grady White Boats
  • Allen Joines, Mayor, City of Winston-Salem
  • Tonya Cockman, CEO, ClearDefense
  • Richard Vinroot, former Mayor, Charlotte
    • Registered lobbyist for Westmoreland LGE.
  • Terry Bellamy, Mayor, Asheville
  • Jim Goodmon, President & CEO, Capital Broadcasting Co.
  • Wanda Proffitt, Owner, Carolina Mountain Realty
  • Nelson Schwab, Managing Partner, Carousel Capital
  • Jim Ahler, CEO, NC Association of Certified Public Accountants
    • Registered and active lobbyist for the Association of CPAs.
  • John White, Director of Public Policy, Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce
    • Registered and active lobbyist for the Durham Chamber of Commerce.
  • Scott Padgett, Mayor, City of Concord


The Ohio chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in October 2012.


  • George Voinovich, former U.S. Senator (R); former Ohio Governor
    • Registered lobbyist in 2006 for CGI-AMS.[62]
  • Don Plusquellic, Mayor, City of Akron (D)

Steering Committee Members

  • Denise Driehaus, State Representative (D)
  • Rocky Boiman, Vice Chairman, Green Township Trustees; former NFL player
  • Zac Haines, President, Northeast Hamilton County Republican Club; small business owner
  • Jim Ashenhurst, City Councilman, City of Hilliard
  • Dave Greenspan, County Council Member, Cuyahoga County
  • Deborah Sutherland, Mayor, City of Bay Village
  • Ray Kirchner, Councilman, City of Mentor
  • Harry Prestanski, Executive Director, Ohio Veterans United
  • Bruce Akers, former Mayor, Pepper Pike
  • Peter Corrigan, Board Member & Consultant, Prestolite Electric
  • Mary Leavitt, Owner, Flag Lady Flag Store
  • Tucker Marston, Vice President of Investments, MML Wealth Management
  • Jack Schron, Council Member, Cuyahoga County; President, Jergens Manufacturing
  • Scott Miller, Director of Energy & Environmental Programs, Ohio University Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership & Public Affairs


The Pennsylvania chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in October 2012.


  • TJ Rooney, former State Representative (D)
    • Registered lobbyist and president of Tri State Strategies Pennsylvania.[63]
  • Thomas Rippon, President & Managing Member, Rippon Associates, LLC

Steering Committee Members

  • Chris Reilly, County Commissioner, York County (R)
  • Tyler Courtney, County Commissioner, Westmoreland (R)
  • Dwayne Keller, Owner, Keller Financial Group
  • Dale Kaplan, Owner, Kaplan's Careful Cleaners
  • Gene Barr, President & CEO, Pennsylvania Chamber of Business Industry
    • Registered lobbyist with the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business & Industry since 2008.[64]
  • Earl Baker, former Chairman, Pennsylvania Republican Party; former State Senator (R)
    • Registered lobbyist since 2007, for a variety of clients.[65]
  • Jason Fink, Executive Vice President, Lycoming County Chamber
  • Mark Schweiker, former Pennsylvania Governor (R)
    • Registered lobbyist from 2007 through 2010 on behalf of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.[66]
  • Bill Stewart, former State Senator (D)
    • Registered as a lobbyist in 2009, on behalf of Altria.[67]
  • Jane Earll, State Senator (R)
  • Dave Patti, President & CEO, Pennsylvania Business Council
    • Registered as a lobbyist in 2007 with the Pennsylvania Business Council.[68]
  • Ken Cuccinelli, Board Member, Economic Club of Pittsburgh
  • Brian McGrath, Milcreek Township Supervisor (D)
  • Pat McCune, President & CEO, Community Bank
  • Tom Tigue, former State Representative (D)
  • Kim Ward, State Senator (R)
  • Tom Baker, President, Baker Leadership
  • Michelle Brooks, State Representative (R)
  • Sheryl Delozier, State Representative (R)
  • Tonya Clark, County Auditor, Bedford County (R)
  • Diana Irey Vaughan, Commissioner, Washington County
  • Dan Garcia, Commissioner, Governor's Advisory Counsel of Latino Affairs
    • Federal lobbyist for the Family Research Council from 1998 to 2000.[69]
  • Kathleen McCormick, City Councilwoman, City of Greensburg

South Carolina

The South Carolina chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in October 2012.


  • Leon Stavrinakis, State Representative (D)
  • Henry McMaster, former Attorney General of South Carolina (R)

Steering Committee Members

  • Curtis M. Loftis, Treasurer, South Carolina
  • Lewis Gossett, President, South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance
  • Leighton Lord, Member, Nexsen Pruet, LLC
  • Frank Knapp, President & CEO, South Carolina Small Business Chamber
    • Registered lobbyist since 2006 for the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce.[70]
  • Lir Derieg, former 5th Circuit Attorney, South Carolina Solicitor's Office
  • Chris Hudson, CEO, UCI Medical
  • Hal Stevenson, CEO, Grace Outdoor
  • Andrew Reed, Co-Founder, Smitty's Printing
  • Otis Rawl, CEO, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce
    • Registered lobbyist in 2006 and 2007 for the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce.[71]
  • Stephen Gilchrist, CEO, South Carolina African-American Chamber of Commerce
    • Registered lobbyist in 2006 for Strategic Leadership Group.[72]
  • James Battle, former State Representative (D)
  • Burnet R. Maybank, III, former Director of South Carolina Department of Revenue; attorney


The Tennessee chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in October 2012.


  • Winfield Dunn, former Governor (R)
  • Tim Pagliara, Founder, Enact The Plan; Chairman & CEO, CapWealth Advisors

Steering Committee Members

  • Calvin Anderson, Senior Vice President & Chief of Staff, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
    • Federal lobbyist from 1998 to 2011 for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee.[73]
  • Victor Ashe, former U.S. Ambassador to Poland; former Mayor, Knoxville
  • Joe Bailey, City Councilman & Former Vice Mayor, City of Knoxville
  • Bayard Boyle, Jr., Chairman, Boyle Investment Company
  • Forrest Conner, CEO, McCarthy, Jones & Woodard
  • Judge Lew Conner, Senior Counsel, Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis; former Judge, TN Court of Appeals
  • Doug Cruickshanks, Vice Chairman, FirstBank
  • Lincoln Davis, former U.S. Representative (D)
  • Dr. Bob Fisher, President, Belmont University
  • Doug Fisher, President, DH Fisher & Associates
  • Paula Flowers, President, Enovation Group, LLC; former Tennessee Commissioner of Commerce & Insurance
  • Jim Frierson, Founder, Compass Innovation
  • Dave Goetz, Vice President, Ingenix; former Tennessee Commissioner of Finance & Administration
  • Cordia Harrington, CEO, Tennessee Bun Company
  • Dan Hogan, Founder & President, Church Street Consulting
  • Gordon Inman, Chairman, FirstBank Middle Tennessee
  • Jon Kinsey, Partner, KPH Development; former Mayor of Chattanooga
  • Matt Kisber, President & CEO, Silicon Ranch Corporation; former State Representative (D)
  • Warren Neel, Executive Director, Corporate Governance Center, The University of Tennessee
  • Robert Orr, Attorney
  • Johnny Pitts, Chief Manager, Lipscomb & Pitts
  • Gary Sisco, CEO, Sisco Group; former Secretary of the United States Senate
    • Federal lobbyist from 2001 to 2011 for various clients including National Rural Telecommunications Co-op, Corrections Corporations of America, and AT&T.[74]
  • John Tanner, former U.S. Representative (D)
    • Federal lobbyist in 2012 for IBM and Ceridian.[75]
  • Deborah Taylor Tate, former Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission
  • Charles Trost, Associate Dean, Belmont University College of Law
  • Zach Wamp, former U.S. Representative (R); founder, Zach Wamp Consulting
  • Richard Warren, Partner, Bradley Arrant Boult Cummings
    • Federal lobbyist in 2007 and 2008 for clients including Reid Community Development Corporation.[76]
  • A.C. Wharton, Jr., Mayor, City of Memphis
  • Linda Peek Schact, Executive Director, Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership, Lipscomb University
  • Woody Woodruff, Partner, Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis


The Texas chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in December 2012.


  • Charlie Stenholm, former U.S. Representative (D-TX)
    • Federal lobbyist since 2005 for clients including the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation, Independent Petroleum Association of America, Kraft Foods, Syngenta, American Petroleum Institute, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, National Meat Association.[77]
  • Wanda Rohm, Founder and Former Owner, Presto Printing

Steering Committee Members

  • Kent Hutchison, Senior Consultant, CJ Baxter Group
  • Antonio Garza, Jr., former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico
  • Maria Garza Brown, Advisory Board Member, Hispanic Scholarship Consortium
  • Jarrod Weaver, Producer, BKCW Insurance
  • Sam Mezayek, Owner, Mezayek Building, Ltd; Councilman, City of Tyler
  • Stephen Brown, Chair, Fort Bend Democratic Party
    • Federal lobbyist since 1998 for clients including Tesoro Corporation, American Chemistry Council, Duke Energy, National Petrochemical & Refiners Association, the University of California, UnitedHealth Group, Union Pacific, Sprint, Grocery Manufacturers of America, Charles Schwab & Co., National Propane Gas Association.[78]
  • Kent Caperton, former State Senator (D-TX)
    • Federal lobbyist since 2005 for clients including Texas Gulf Energy, General Motors, Oracle Corporation, Motorola, World Energy Systems, and Freddie Mac.[79]
  • Donna Parker, Certified Financial Planner, Transamerica Financial Advisors
  • Mabrie Jackson, President & CEO, North Texas Commission
  • Larry Rosenblatt, Owner, Rosenblatt Advisors, LLC
  • Neeraj Salhotra, Teacher, Breakthrough Collaborative


The Utah chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in January 2013.


  • Scott Anderson, President & CEO, Zions First National Bank

Steering Committee Members

  • Bob Bennett, former U.S. Senator (R-UT)
  • Jim Dabakis, Chairman, Utah Democratic Party
  • Thomas Wright, Chairman, Utah Republican Party
    • Federal lobbyist from 2004 to 2006 for Americans for Fair Taxation.[80]
  • Natalie Gochnour, Executive Vice President of Policy & Chief Economist, Salt Lake Chamber
  • Enid Mickelsen, former U.S Representative (R-UT)
  • Kimball Rasmussen, President & CEO, Deseret Power Electric Cooperative
  • Joe Sowerby, CEO, Armored Online
  • Luz Robles, State Senator (D-UT)
  • Howard Headlee, President & CEO, Utah Bankers Association
    • Registered lobbyist for the Utah Bankers Association 2006 to 2010 and in 2011.[81][82]
  • Scott Simpson, President & CEO, Utah League of Credit Unions
    • Registered and active lobbyist since 2003.[83] Registered lobbyist for Utah League of Credit Unions from 2006 to 2011.[84]
  • Deirdre Henderson, State Senator (R-UT)
  • Jerry Curtis, Mayor, City of Provo


The Virginia chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in January 2013.

Steering Committee Members

  • John Warner, former U.S. Representative (R)
    • Federal lobbyist in 2009 for various clients including General Electric.[85]
  • Brian Plum, CFO & Executive Vice President, Blue Ridge Bank
  • Ken Plum, State Representative (D)
  • Chris Saxman, former State Representative (R)
    • Registered lobbyist in 2010 through 2012 for Connections Academy.[86]
  • Chuck Robb, former U.S. Representative (D)
  • Mark Sickles, former State Representative (D) & Democratic Caucus Chairman
    • Federal lobbyist from 1998 to 2003 for Dredging Contractors of America, and since 2008 for Weeks Marine, Inc.[87]


The Washington chapter of Fix the Debt was founded in October 2012.


  • Steve Hobbs, State Senator (D)
  • Tim Leavitt, Mayor of Vancouver
  • Brian Ebersole, former Mayor, City of Tacoma; former Speaker of the State House of Representatives (D)
    • Registered lobbyist from 2006 to 2009.

Steering Committee Members

  • Mario Reyes, former President, North Central Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Bob Peterson, former President, Democratic Leadership Council in Washington
  • Dennis Kendall, former Mayor, City of Marysville
  • Meredith Kou, Board of Directors, International District Chamber of Commerce
  • Dr. Charles Horn, President, Pacific NW Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Shareefah Abdullah, President, Clark County Entrepreneurs
  • Curt Huff, Mayor, City of Cheney; former Senior Business Manager at Eastern Washington University
  • Terry Janzen, Chair, Adams County Democratic Party; wheat farmer
  • Debra Hartmann, Chair, Washington State Disabilities Caucus
  • Louis Musso, Executive Director, Downtown Cle Elum Association
  • Rosalind Jenkins, Director of Black Education Roundtable, League of Education Voters
  • Dawn Elyse Bonker, Social Services Professional
  • Eileen McColl, former Vice Chair, Washington State Democratic Party
  • Scott Dilley, Associate Director, Washington Farm Bureau
    • Registered lobbyist since 2009 for the Washington State Farm Bureau.[88]
  • Juan Catto, Manager of Community Outreach, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute
  • Ron Kellar, Officer, Fort Lewis Retiree’s Association
  • Ray Miller, founder & former Commander, Black Veterans of Washington


The Wisconsin chapter of Fix the Debt was launched in October 2012.


  • Scott Klug, former U.S. Representative (R)
    • Federal lobbyist since 2001 for various clients through the Foley & Lardner lobbying firm.[89]
  • Tony Earl, former Governor (D)

Steering Committee Members

  • Bill Johnson, President, Johnson Timber; Finance Chairman, Republican Party of Wisconsin
  • Phil Prange, President, Wisconsin Business Council
    • Federal Lobbyist in 2001 and 2002 for Philip Morris.[90]
  • James Klauser, former Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Administration
  • Chris Abele, County Executive, Milwaukee County (D)
  • Mark Meyer, former State Senator & State Representative (D)
  • Jason Fields, State Representative (D)
  • John Dickert, Mayor, City of Racine
  • Margaret Farrow, former Lieutenant Governor (R)
  • Gus Frank, Chairman, Forest County Potawatomi Community
  • Katie Belanger, Executive Director, Fair Wisconsin
    • Registered lobbyist since 2009 for FAIR Wisconsin.[91]
  • Brandon Scholz, President, Wisconsin Grocers Association
    • Registered lobbyist since 2003 with the lobbying firm Capitol Group LLC for clients including Time Warner, Wisconsin Grocers Association, Visa USA, Voting Technologies International, Wisconsin Charter Schools Association, America Online, Inc., and Wisconsin Broadcasters Association.[92]
  • David Helbach, former Majority Leader of Wisconsin State Senate (D)
    • Federal lobbyist from 1998 to 2002 for Alliant Energy.[93]
  • Kurt Bauer, President, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce
    • Registered lobbyist since 2003 for Wisconsin Bankers Association, and since 2011 for Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.[94]


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