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Forgotten Americans Coalition (FAC) is "a new coalition aimed at stemming the momentum of the Left" headed by "pro-family activist and former presidential activist" Gary Bauer, who is Coalition chair.[1]

The group is composed of a "number of veteran conservative leaders" like American Family Association's Dr. Don Wildmon, Christian Broadcasting Network's Pat Robertson, Free Congress Foundation's Paul M. Weyrich, Phil Burress, Tim LaHaye, and Beverly LaHaye, the founder of Concerned Women for America. Don Feder, "a conservative columnist", is a member of the FAC steering committee.[2]

"Bauer says the Coalition wants to counter extreme leftist groups like ... According to Bauer, the conservative movement has fallen on hard times and has lost focus. And with an election some 14 months away, the Forgotten American Coalition wants to get back to the basics of standing up for the values of mainstream America. He says the basic issues conservatives have cared about are sanctity of life, pro-family, strong national defense, smaller government, and lower taxes."[1]


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