George W. Bush: The Lame Duck President

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"George Bush is the reason George Bush is a very lame duck. He got us into a war without any thought to getting out. He has alienated our international allies. His vaunted Homeland Security Department is a joke. His handling of Katrina was awful. His effort to compensate for a bad job on Katrina has taken him to Louisiana enough times to become a registered voter there. With failure after failure, President Bush doesn't need any help being lame; he's doing just fine."—Bob Beckel, USA TODAY, October 12, 2005.

If the 2006 midterm elections "go the way pollsters and pundits predict," Peter Baker and Michael A. Fletcher wrote in the October 18, 2006, Washington Post, the clocks in the White House West Wing "might as well read 20 days" instead of the 825 days left in President George W. Bush's second term in office.

"At least that would be the end of George W. Bush's presidency as he has known it. If Democrats win one or both houses of Congress on Nov. 7, the result will transform the remainder of Bush's time in office and dramatically shift the balance of power in Washington. Ending a dozen years basically passed in exile, congressional Democrats would have a chance to help steer the nation again—following a campaign spent mostly assailing Bush's vision rather than detailing their own," Baker and Fletcher wrote.

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