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Gulf Oil (Gulf Oil Limited Partnership) distributes gasoline and diesel fuel to about 12,400 Gulf-branded gas stations in the northeastern U.S. It also distributes motor oil and heating oil to commercial, industrial, and retail customers. It has one of the oldest and most recognizable brands in the business. [1]


Gulf Oil was "born in 1901 with an oil discovery in Spindletop, Texas, the primary commercial fuel was coal. By 1903, the age of mechanization had arrived and it was now up to the petroleum industry to keep pace, for the age could not proceed without it. Gasoline development, into which Gulf invested millions of dollars, responded to advances in automotive technology to make the modern motorcar possible. Within a dozen years of Spindletop, Gulf scored notable firsts with the worlds first drive-in service station, complimentary Gulf road maps and over water drilling at Ferry Lake. In 1917, the Gulfstream went into World War I service, along with the rest of Gulf's tanker fleet."[1]

"Gulfpride-the World's Finest Motor Oil was manufactured and first marketed in 1928 and by the early Thirties, Gulf was a major U.S. corporation. In 1949, William Larimer Mellon, a founder and active head of Gulf for 45 years, died at 80, just 17 months after his retirement, as the company moved into eighth place among the largest manufacturing concerns in the United States.As Gulf entered its second half-century, the needs became more diverse and technologically ever more sophisticated."[2]

"By 1960, it was clear that Gulf's growth rate during the 1950s had been twice that of the United States as an economic entity. During the 1960s, Gulf mounted vigorous exploration, production and marketing programs including several new refineries, petrochemical and polyethylene plants, the construction of six mammoth tankers, a joint development with the Holiday Inns of America and the redesign of the Orange Disc to make it more clearly identifiable. In 1975, Gulf was restructured into seven separate operating companies. By year's end, the Company had evaluated 48 of 82 Gulf of Mexico tracts acquired since 1972, resulting in seven major discoveries and nine less significant discoveries. Gulf ended its 75th year facing new patterns of relationships abroad, and prepared to devote increased attention to interests in the U.S. and Canada."[3]

"Today, thousands of service stations across the Northeastern United States proudly fly the Gulf flag, carrying on the tradition of a quality product line and friendly service. Gulf Oil Limited Partnership, based in Chelsea, Massachusetts is a wholesaler of refined petroleum products. Gulf distributes motor fuels through a network of 1,800 Gulf branded gas stations and service stations, as well as heating oil, diesel fuel and kerosene. We are committed to providing products designed for a constantly changing retail environment. From custom-blended detergent gasolines to our high performance diesel fuel, Premium Dieselect, Gulf offers consumers state-of-the-art solutions for their engine performance needs."[4]


Key executives: [2]

Contact details

90 Everett Ave.
Chelsea, MA 02150
Phone: 617-454-9300
Fax: 617-884-0637


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