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Halliburton Australia is a subsidiary of the US construction and contracting company.

Adelaide to Darwin rail line

Kellogg Brown & Root, which is part of the U.S.-based Halliburton Group, "has about a 20 percent equity stake in the Australian outback rail link." [1]

"Halliburton Chairman, President, & CEO Dave Lesar, Senator Nick Minchin,SA Premier Mike Rann and NT Chief Minister Clare Martin at ceremony to mark departure of Inaugural Train Journey to Darwin" - Adelaide 15 January 2004 Photo Courtesy SA Govt quoted from [2]

The Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alexander Downer, waxed lyrical about the business operations of Texas-based companies in Australia. "Not surprisingly, the bonds between Australians and Texans are warm and genuine. This reflects the many common traits, including the important role of agriculture and natural resources in the development of our societies .... several US corporations headquartered in Texas are active in Australia, such as Halliburton (25 offices in Australia), EDS (employs more than 6,800 in Australia) and ExxonMobil." quoted from [3]

At the height of the war against Iraq, Halliburton Australia faced protests at its office in Adelaide. "Having a part of this global robber-baron based in Parkside, Adelaide provides us with a unique opportunity to protest at and draw attention to its blood-soaked activities around the world. Look out for notices of a future demonstration" [4]

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