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Every normal article in SourceWatch should have an "Articles and resources" section at the end of the article. This section contains the relevant external links, other articles in SourceWatch, and the references for the article. This section should be kept relatively standard in order to create a consistent user experience.

A sample "articles and resources" section

Here's an example of what an "articles and resources" section in an article should look like:

An example of an "Articles and resources" section using the standard hierarchy and the <references/> tag.
What you put in What you get
==Articles and resources==

===Related SourceWatch articles===
* [[SourceWatch:Help]]


===External resources===
* [ Wikipedia help]

===External articles===
* [ Knowledge Enhanced Searching on the Web]
Articles and resources

Related SourceWatch articles


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External resources

External articles

Use this to insert a blank "articles and resources" section into an article

The "articles and resources" section in this article is blank and can be copied and pasted straight into any article on SourceWatch that does not already have one. To do this, simply click the "[edit]" link below (to the right of the "Articles and resources" section title) and copy the entire editing window and paste it into the bottom of any SourceWatch article that does not yet have one.