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IWMC World Conservation Trust is an international environmental organisation which follows a wise use (or what they call "sustainable use") philosophy. It was founded by Eugene Lapointe in 1994, and was formerly known as the International Wildlife Management Consortium.

The Trust is controversial, in that it supports the hunting of a number of endangered animal species, including whales and elephants, in order to fund conservation efforts. It argues that "conservation cannot be perpetually performed in a financial vacuum. In a world beset by many demands for land, if a species is to survive, a use which can be sustained both economically and ecologically, provides independence that will favor survival in the most tumultuous of times." [1]


Some of IWMC World Conservation Trust's stated goals are to:

Develop information mechanisms to properly educate the general public and the media about all aspects of the conservation of wildlife species and about the various way to achieve conservation objectives, including the rational utilization of wildlife.
Encourage the participation of the economic sector of developed countries into the conservation efforts of the developing countries.
Invite the international decision making bodies such as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to use a rational rather than emotional approach to achieve long-term solutions to conservation of wildlife species. [2]



Contact details

3, Passage Montriond
1006 Lausanne, CH
Tel/Fax: +41(21) 616-5000
Email: iwmc AT iwmc.org
Web: http://www.iwmc.org

With offices worldwide

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