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The Center for Market Processes (also known as 'Center for the Study of Market Processes') was a precursor to the Mercatus Center, founded by Rich Fink at Rutgers University in the late 1970s. It merged with the Center for the Study of Public Choice during 1998/1999 to become the James M. Buchanan Center for Political Economy (JBC) [1]

It was described as an "independent research center attached to the Department of Economics at George Mason University...studying business and government behavior as an ongoing process of entrepreneurship and change. Its economists belong to what is called the Austrian school of economics." [2]

Projects included the "Agorics Project", examining software markets. It wrote about deregulation in the energy industry. It hosted a center of "Market Based Management" sponsored by Charles G. Koch.

It offered a Charles G. Koch Foundation Fellowship (alumni include Robert McBride) [3].

It hosted an annual retreat for Congressional staff which the Mercatus Center continues to hold [4], [5].