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Jason Leopold is a freelance writer and the author of the "News Junkie (book 2006)", published by Process Media Inc. in May 2006 (ISBN 0976082241).

Leopold is "former Los Angeles bureau chief for Dow Jones Newswire," according to his Process Media Inc. profile, which states:

Leopold's published writings include "over 2,000 stories on the California energy crisis and received the Dow Jones Journalist of the Year Award in 2001. Leopold also reported extensively on Enron’s downfall and was the first journalist to land an interview with former Enron President Jeffrey Skilling following Enron’s bankruptcy filing in December 2001.
"Leopold’s work has been published in the Los Angeles Times, The Nation, Salon, The Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, and numerous other national and international publications. Leopold has appeared on CNBC and National Public Radio as an expert on energy policy and has also been the keynote speaker at more than two dozen energy industry conferences around the country. Leopold currently writes about foreign and domestic policy online for the publications Truthout, CounterPunch, Raw Story, and Z Magazine." [1]

Leopold's articles have also been published or reprinted online in AlterNet, Dissident Voice, Online Journal, Scoop (New Zealand), Online Opinion, Global Research (Canada), Antiwar.com, Political Affairs Magazine, and Common Dreams.

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