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The John Templeton Foundation tries to encourage the integration of religious beliefs and free-market principles into the classroom.


Accessed May 2010: [1]

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  • Atlas Economic Research Foundation: Templeton and Atlas provide the Templeton Freedom Prizes for Excellence in Promoting Liberty giving $15,000 to "market-oriented poverty programs; for ethics and values; for social entrepreneurship and for student outreach". Under the awards it is planned that $1.25 million will be distributed between now and 2007.
  • E.G. West Centre: Funded the course Educational Freedom: A Global Perspective [1] at the centre, which promotes "market solutions in education".
  • Wheaton College (Illinois) "has consistently been the top nominee on the John Templeton Foundation Honor Roll for Character Building Colleges."

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Press coverage

  • John Tierney, When Every Child is Good Enough, New York Times, November 21, 2004
    • "... a recent report, "A Nation Deceived: How Schools Hold Back America's Brightest Students," by the John Templeton Foundation [] summarizes research showing that gifted children thrive with more advanced material and describes their current frustration ...: 'When they want to fly, they are told to stay in their seats. Stay in your grade. Know your place. It's a national scandal.'"

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