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According to an FBI report, "The National Alliance a "neo-nazi, white supremacy organization founded by former American Nazi Party officer, the late Dr. William Pierce," who died July 23, 2002.

The Alliance is "probably best known for its leader, William Pierce, who is one of the most recognized names in the radical right. Pierce wrote The Turner Diaries ... and [hosted] a weekly radio program, American Dissident Voices. Via these outlets, Pierce [was] able to provide his followers with an ideological and practical framework for committing violent acts. The rhetoric of these groups largely shadows that of Adolf Hitler's in content and political ideology."[1]

"In 1997," the report continues, "Pierce stated that:

"Ultimately we must separate ourselves from the Blacks and other non-whites and keep ourselves separate, no matter what it takes to accomplish this. We must do this not because we hate Blacks, but because we cannot survive if we remain mixed with them. And we cannot survive if we permit the Jews and the traitors among us to remain among us and to repeat their treachery. Eventually we must hunt them down and get rid of them."--[Anti-Defamation League, Explosion of Hate, page 15].

If the goals of the National Alliance appear initially to be a bit vague on its website, the composition of its membership is not. The true nature of organization soon becomes abudantly clear from the criteria required for membership:[2]

"Any White person (a non-Jewish person of wholly European ancestry) of good character and at least 18 years of age who accepts as his own the goals of the National Alliance and who is willing to support the program described herein may apply for membership."
  • The organization is equally clear on who is not eligible to join:[3]
"No homosexual or bisexual person, no person actively addicted to alcohol or to an illegal drug, no person with a non-White spouse or a non-White dependent, and, except in extraordinary circumstances, no person currently confined in a penal institution may be a member."
  • And anonymity for its applicants and members is guaranteed:[4]
"The anonymity of members is protected scrupulously; as a general policy, no member's name will be publicized or revealed to any other person without the member's explicit consent. Beyond this, a membership applicant who is concerned that his or her welfare, security, or effectiveness as a member might be jeopardized if there were any possibility at all that his or her membership in the National Alliance were revealed may, if he wishes, hold membership under a nom de guerre. Such an applicant should use his nom de guerre on his application form and on all his correspondence about National Alliance matters. His membership card will be issued with that name on it, and he will receive all his mailings from the National Alliance addressed to that name. No records with his true name will be retained. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that mail addressed to his nom de guerre will be delivered to him by the postal service and to take all other measures required to protect his anonymity, such as paying his dues with cash or money orders instead of personal checks. The National Alliance does not recommend that an applicant use a nom de guerre without a sound reason for doing so. It will not look favorably on any applicant who selects a frivolous nom de guerre."

"The National Alliance got national attention after the Oklahoma City bombing. A book written by the group's founder called The Turner Diaries inspired Timothy McVeigh. It's fiction, but it describes a plot to blow up an FBI building."[5]


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