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{{#badges: Front groups}} The National Anxiety Center (NAC) was founded in 1990 by Alan Caruba, a public relations consultant, ostensibly to debunk claims of environmental degradation. It gives out the "Chicken Little Award."

Despite its slogan ("The good news is...the bad news is WRONG!"), the NAC apparently expresses much anxiety itself about:

  • immigration: "Our borders are literally indefensible at this point. We have two [sic] few personnel to adequately guard the Canadian and Mexican borders."[1]
  • Islam:"We face, individually, as a nation, and a civilization, the Islamic holy warrior and our only defense will be to capture or kill him before he does the same to us."[2]; and
  • the United Nations: "There is only one solution. The United States must withdraw from the United Nations or it will be subsumed into its plan to determine every aspect of life here and in every other nation of the world. We will end up paying for our own enslavement."[3].


In a January 2006 column, Caruba wrote that "The Center has always been paid for out of my own pocket and by occasional donations from people who want to support what I do."[1] However, the fact that Caruba calls himself a "Center" when in fact the organization merely represents the views of himself as a single individual arguably qualifies the NAC as a front group.

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