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Like Pro-choice, Pro-life is a term commonly used by activists in the abortion issue. Those who consider themselves "pro-life" favor increased or absolute federal government restrictions on abortion. The term was designed to make people think there are only two sides to the issue of abortion.

The term suggests that opponents are "anti-life" (and indeed some who call themselves pro-life label their opponents thus), and suggests that the most important aspect of the abortion issue is a fetus's right to life throughout pregnancy

Although the term does not mention abortion, in practice this term is limited to the abortion issue. Not all those who call themselves "pro-life" favor "life" in all other public issues. In particular, relatively few are pacifists across the board. Some who would be Pro-life prefer that abortion be forbidden on the State instead of Federal level, and thus are not Pro-life.

(This entry is a close counterpart of the Pro-choice entry.)