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{{#badges: CoalSwarm|Navbar-Germanyandcoal}} RWE describes itself as the "biggest power producer in Germany and No. 2 in the UK" with interests across n in Central and South-Eastern Europe.[1]

The company's operating divisions are[1]:

  • RWE Power is Germany’s "biggest power producer" and generates electricity from coal, lignite, nuclear and gas-fired power stations;
  • RWE Innogy which is the renewable energy arm of RWE with interests in onshore and offshore wind farms, hydro power stations and biomass projects in Europe;
  • RWE Dea which produces gas and oil in Europe and North Africa;
  • RWE Supply & Trading which operates RWE's non-regulated gas activities and European energy trading business;
  • RWE Energy which is the sales and grid management company for customers in Continental Europe; and
  • RWE nPower which operates solely in the UK and includes the generation of from coal, gas and oil fired power stations as well as the sale of electricity and gas.

Proposed Coal-Fired Power Stations

  • Matra Power Station, is a coal fired co-generation plant proposed by Matrai Erömu, which is majority-owned by RWE and the the Hungarian Electricity Works, to have an installed capacity of 2,000 megawatts. However, RWE does not list the project as being amongst its "power plant new-build" list.[2] On its website RWE states that "the company operates an 800 MW lignite-fired power plant that is supplied with coal from two opencast mines. Matra is Hungary’s second largest power producer and extracts half of the country's lignite." It also stated that in late 2006 and early 2007 two topping gas turbines (TGT) were commissioned at the plant which "have raised the capacity of the connected power plant units by some 10 per cent."[3] (See also Hungary and coal)
  • Eemshaven Power Station is proposed by RWE to have an installed capacity of 1600 megawatts and to come on line by after 2011/2012. It has been approved for construction. On its website, RWE states that "the authorities in charge at the Eemshaven location in Groningen province are currently processing the request for approval (MER) for building the plant. RWE submitted the records in January 2007."[4]RWE lists it as one of its major capital investments at a cost of 2.2 billion euros.[5] As of 2012 the plant is scheduled to begin operation by 2014, and will be partially fuelled by biomass. The 50 hectare site is located at Eemshaven port.[6](See also Netherlands and coal).
  • Piast Ruch Power Station is a proposal by RWE for a 800 megawatt power station to be built on the Piast Ruch II coal mine in the village of Wola in Silesia. The project will be a joint venture between RWE and Kompania Węglowa, which owns the minesite and will supply the coal. It is proposed that the 1.5 billion euro project be commissioned in 2015.[7] (See also Poland and coal)

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