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The mission Ronald Reagan Legacy Project (RRLP), according to the organization's web site, is "to honor and memorialize the historic achievements of President Ronald Reagan. It aims to do so by naming at least one notable public landmark in each state and all 3067 counties after the 40th president.... In recognition of President Reagan's leadership role in the defeat of communism, the Project also seeks to honor his memory in formerly communist countries."

About the RRLP

"The Reagan Legacy Project was formed in 1997 as a project of Americans for Tax Reform, a national taxpayer advocacy organization, itself started in 1986 to promote President Reagan's historic Tax Reform Act of that year.

"The mission of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project is to honor the legacy of our 40th president, Ronald Reagan. The Reagan Legacy Project aims to fulfill its mission by naming significant public landmarks after President Reagan in the 50 states and over 3,000 counties of the United States, as well as in formerly communist countries across the world.

"On February 6, 1998, the Reagan Legacy Project succeeded in its first mission: to rename Washington's National Airport to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. This event was particularly significant as it occurred on Ronald Reagan's 87th birthday.

"Several months later, the Reagan Legacy Project was instrumental in enacting legislation in Florida to rename the state's turnpike to the Ronald Reagan Turnpike.

"Since those early successes, the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project has been involved in a number of naming projects across the country and overseas.

"The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project works with elected officials, including members of Congress, governors, mayors, state legislators and city council members, as well as the general public, in an effort to identify and further the naming of more landmarks in honor of President Reagan."

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  • Bushology Interactive: "The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, the brainchild of Grover Norquist and his Americans for Tax Reform, is waging a relentless campaign to memorialise its hero. Getting the capital's National Airport renamed after him was only the start. It is now in the process of creating a Reagan memorial in each of the country's 3,067 counties (successes so far include a six-foot-tall portrait made entirelyly from 14,000 jelly beans). It wants his face to replace Alexander Hamilton's on the $10 bill, and to erect a Reagan monument on the National Mall, despite the Gipper's own belief that politicians should be dead for at least 25 years before being considered for the honour. Any day now the highway that leads up to Mount Rushmore will be graced with Reagan's name" (Lexington, The Economist, July 7, 2001)."