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Salem Radio Network (SRN), a division of Salem Communications Corporation, is a national radio network offering syndicated talk, news, and music programming to affiliated radio stations. On its website SRN states that it has approximately 2,000 affiliated stations with 1,100 offered "a comprehensive package of headline news, specials and breaking news 24-hours a day, 7-days a week."[1] (The actual reach of the network is unclear as SRN state that they offer 1,100 stations their news programming; how many broadcast it is not stated).


Salem Radio Network News (SRN News) promotes itself as originating from "its state-of-the-art international News Center just 10 minutes from the White House and Capitol Hill." Additionally, "SRN News is the only Christian-focused news organization with fully-equipped broadcast facilities at the U.S. House, Senate, and White House manned by full-time correspondents -- ensuring timely, on-the-spot coverage of breaking news. ... Written, produced and anchored by respected news pros, SRN News is family-focused and credible -- specifically created for Christian-formatted radio stations." [2]

White House ties

In February 2005 Sarah Posner wrote in The Gadflyer, [3] that

"Called 'Christian radio's definitive source for news,' Salem also syndicates its Salem Radio Network (SRN) news to over 1,100 radio stations (including translators) across the country. These short broadcasts consist of one, four, and five minute news summaries at designated times during an hour and are unabashedly Christian conservative. Users of the service include Salem's own radio stations, the Bible Broadcasting Network[1] and the Moody Broadcasting Network[2] , which is owned by the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago[3].
"In the lead-up to the election last year, Karl Rove and Tom DeLay were guests on SRN's 'Beyond The News Weekend Journal'.
"Greg Clugston is SRN's White House correspondent. His reports and news summaries are heard regularly on SRN news. A Google search of his name revealed a scant number of previous publishing credits for Christianity Today about music and a Christian telecommunications company.
"As reported by the Heritage Foundation's, Clugston attended the annual Christmas 2003 'White House Basement Party,' where he read a poem in homage to the president aloud to the assembled crowd, which included Scott McClellan. ...
"A few weeks ago, Clugston interviewed First Lady Laura Bush."

J. Kenneth Blackwell, who served as Ohio's Secretary of State at the same time he was honorary co-chair of the "Committee to re-elect George W. Bush" in 2004, is a "regular guest commentator for Salem Communications." [4]


Hosts currently syndicated by Salem Radio Networks:[5]


Contact information

Salem Communications Corporation
4880 Santa Rosa Road, Suite 300
Camarillo, CA US 93012
Phone: 805 897-0400
Fax: 805 384-4520

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