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Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A. is a Miami, Florida-based law firm which specializes in customs, international trade, transportation law, and copyright and trademark law.

U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement

On September 6, 2006, O'Dwyer's reported, "Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg has a $660K pact with South Korea, which is eager to hammer out a free trade agreement with the U.S. ... The Korean Embassy relies on ST&R for an analysis of U.S. law and garnering political support for a treaty in Congress and the American business community." [1]

As evidence of increased Korean outreach to U.S. audiences, O'Dwyer's noted the Korean Embassy opening "Korus House" on Washington DC's Embassy Row in May 2006. Korus House's "purpose is to promote a 'future-oriented' relationship between the U.S. and South Korea. It features lectures such as an October talk by Steven Clemons, director of American Strategy Program at the New America Foundation. His topic: 'Why Korea does not get attention it deserves in policy circles and what can be done about it.'" [2]

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1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Suite 400
Washington, DC 20004
Telephone: 202 216-9307
Fax: 202 842-2247
Email: messages AT

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