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This is a guideline and how-to article on what "stub" articles are and how to find and fix them.

A stub is a short, essentially content-free page created as a placeholder. It can be used to fill out the article title space, serve as a target for wiki links, and/or prompt the creation of needed articles. It is a good thing for you to expand and improve these articles.

To find a stub, simply go to Category:Stubs and click one of the links. If you're looking for a stub related to a particular subject, you might try putting a keyword or two in the search box along with the word "stub". If you have expanded an article to the point where you feel it covers its topic at a basic level, please remove the {{stub}} tag from the article (it's usually at the very top of an article but can also be found at the very bottom) so that it is automatically removed from the stub category.

Other articles that need love

  • Special:Shortpages: These are likely to be stubs.
  • Special:Lonelypages: Orphan pages with no links. These may be suitable for rescue as stubs, then full articles.
  • Special:Wantedpages: Articles have linked to nonexistent pages with these titles. Many are variant forms of the titles of existing articles which need to be fixed or redirected.