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This page contains a list of things you can do
to help improve SourceWatch and its projects. There are several different kinds of things to do:

These are articles that readers and editors have requested on SourceWatch. Feel free to add a request to the list or, better yet, create one and then take it off the list! If the article is under a section heading that has a link, that link goes to a portal where the to-do item is likely also listed under "things you can do." Help keep track of which articles have been created by removing it from that list, too.


  • Is there an article that comprehensively describes all of the people and sub-departments that Karl Rove supervised within the Executive office of the President during the Bush Administration, also naming the positions of people, their departments, and when they arrived and departed from that area? -- Redtexture 22:12, 19 June 2007 (EDT)

Economic Policy (U.S.)

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Education Policy (U.S.)

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Elections and Government Policy (U.S.)

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Energy and Environment Policy (U.S.)

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Food and Agriculture (U.S.)

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Health Policy (U.S.)

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Infrastructure and Transportation Policy (U.S.)

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Labor, Immigration and Retirement Policy (U.S.)

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National Security and Foreign Policy (U.S.)

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Rights, Liberties and Courts Policy (U.S.)

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Communications, Science and Intellectual Property (U.S.)

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Social Policy (U.S.)

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  • I have received an email from a U.S. university student working on an honours thesis looking for copies of advertisements used in the 'war on drugs' since 1971. The advertisements he is looking for are those done in particular by the National Office of Drug Control Policy, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and related non-government organizations such as the Partnership for a Drug Free America. Does anyone know of where copies of the advertisements may be obtained from (other than the ONDCP)? If so, send me an email bob AT and I'll forward details on. --Bob Burton 00:45, 10 October 2007 (EDT)