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Biographical Information

"I qualified as a teacher in 1977 and went on to work for 25 years in Social Services, first as a social worker and then in management. This provided the experience of working with a very wide variety of people of all ages, capabilities and issues including mental health, addiction, disability, ill health, criminality, abuse, educational and behaviour problems. For the last 12 years I managed the HIV/AIDS service in a London Borough. I gave up my ‘proper job’ in 2002 and since then have run a very successful international practice.

"I am a natural psychic since childhood and have all seven psychic senses. I formally trained as a sensitive at the College of Psychic Studies in London where I provided readings for members of the public for a couple of years.

"I qualified as a healer with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and with the College of Psychic Studies in 1999. I gained a Diploma in Analytical Psychology and Healing with Distinction in 2000 and an MA in Psychotherapy and Healing in 2004. I worked in the College healing clinic for about 3 years before running the Distant Healing Clinic for more than a year. I taught the advanced module of the College Healing Course for 10 years.

"I additionally combine my psychic, healing and psychotherapeutic skills in providing past life healing, medical intuition, and the clearance of spirits and negative energies from people and places. I am an accredited member of the Spirit Release Foundation.

"Articles on my work have been featured in the Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times, Woman’s Own, Fate and Fortune, Spirit and Destiny, Spirit Release Foundation, Light, Buttercup Connections, New Age Retailer and Awakening Intuition Network magazines. I have been interviewed on Nearthwort Obtain, The Psychic Show, on My Spirit Radio and on BBS Radio.

"I have taught classes and workshops and given talks at a variety of well known venues such as the College of Psychic Studies, Alternatives at St James' Church Piccadilly, Violet Hill Studios, Oxen Hoath Retreat Centre and at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, Mind Body Soul Exhibition and the Mystic Arts.

"I set up the School of Intuition and Healing in 2010 ("[1] mainstream media articles My publisher O-Books brings out more than five new titles on spiritual matters per month, with over 250 titles in print. The list has grown over the last couple of years out of John Hunt Publishing Ltd., which started back in the late 1980s.


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