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Contract Failures

TN: Six Years Past Deadline, Xerox/ACS Spends $19M but Fails to Produce IT System
In 2006, the Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS) contracted with a software company called Albion to replace its "ACCENT" computer system, which handled federal public assistance programs such as Medicaid and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. The original contract was for $37 million and came with an expected completion date of summer 2008.[1] The contract followed Albion through its sale to ACS in 2007, then ended up with Xerox by 2012. By that time, the contract had been extended twice.[2] Along the way, earlier deadlines and completion dates were missed. According to auditors, by "midway through 2011, DHS had spent $18.6 million, with an additional $19.5 million budgeted for the rest of the effort. The department also budgeted $1.2 million to pay other companies for quality assurance, most of which was spent - bringing the total spent on the program so far to just under $20 million."[3] In spring 2013, the DHS announced that it was "halting work" on the incomplete project and letting its contract with Xerox expire. The project's failure left Tennesseans reliant on an outdated computer system that was still in use in 2014, causing ongoing problems with eligibility and access. [4]


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