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this is more a start of a description on 'lobbyist' (the person) rather than 'lobbying' (what they do & how they do it) isn't it? -- bob

How about this...

Lobbying: The component of our system of free speech that is most widely abused creating the biggest problem within our government due to our system of capitalism.

We've become a mature, lumbering nation where the established class gets richer primary through the corporations they control. These corporations have the money to buy people due to a breakdown in individual ethics whereby many of our citizens have lost their backbone becoming overly materialistic and filled with greed. The corporations/established class are the ones with the money to buy people that will do whatever it takes for the almight dollar. This could be doing the job no matter what to move up the corporate latter as well as lobbying elected officials to influence politicians to direct public tax money towards them and/or pass legislation favorable to their cause.

People need to remember what Integrity is all about. Its about doing what you know is right and holding true to your ethics, even if it means standing alone.

The way to fix the problem is to use the power of technology to make telecommuting a reality for our elected officials. This will allow them to remain back with the constituents that elect them rather than sitting in Washington DC where the lobbyist and special interest groups can converge on them. They only need to get together when they have work to do and then they need to focus on the agenda at hand, get the work done in the time they have available, and then get on back to the constituents they represent. I could see them telecommuting with the other elected representatives around the country and then traveling to Washington DC one week out of the month to address a defined agenda.

We need someone who is bold enough, with a strong enough backbone to push through the changes this country needs to get back on track. We need to clean house and get rid of the spineless representatives who wander around based on the prevailing winds of the current politically correct/popular movement or the collective interest of deep pocketed corporations/industry sectors.

Enough is Enough. This next congress has to step-up to the plate or its going to be time for the American People to reassert themselves by calling another Constitutional Convention to rewrite the governing document of this great land. Have we forgotten that we were founded... "By the People. For the People"- Tim

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Relocated this from the the lead par of the article - I couldn't quite see why it is there. --Bob Burton 05:34, 9 May 2007 (EDT)

Many lobbying groups work in "procurement", where they attempt to convince the government to buy supplies from their clients.